Chelsea vs Wolverhampton 2-0 Top 4 And Welcome Timo Werner Lampard Reaction & Pundits Analysis


Chelsea vs Wolverhampton 2-0 Top 4 And Welcome Timo Werner Lampard Reaction & Pundits Analysis

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  1. Oscar Mosha says

    Congratulation Frank you are my no 1 couch

  2. Ousman Sanyang says

    Blue is d colour Chelsea

  3. Akwanalo Bwakali says

    It's thrilling to see lampard,one of our own taking us to uefa champions league.God bless chelsea fraternity.

  4. Vinay Ramasamy says

    Super Franky has nothing to prove anymore

  5. David Morris says

    Football is a business not a sport played by mercenaries watched by fools.

  6. european royalty says

    " I might not get another chance ". Chelsae sack managers so often that there bound to come back around to you.

  7. Michael Munene says

    Ilike lampand

  8. Zamzam Ahmed says

    Go Manchester united

  9. Utsav Basu says

    Legends of the club taking care of the club just like , kid takes care of his or her old parents love it come on Chelsea

  10. Hati Kental says

    he said chelsea got young that mason mount?

  11. สุมีชัย ดาวสหวัน says


  12. Callum Lynch says

    What channel is this?

  13. Ik ben op Cartier says

    Aight so nobody’s gonna talk bout that long ass outro to make it a 10 min video?

  14. Seyfettin Toksoez says

    Respect to Chelsea and united.

  15. Renjith Haridas says

    Great Job Chelsea and Frank

  16. Lonely GanGsMan says

    i think Chelsea is gonna back again…as champion…

  17. Albert McMullen says

    Social distance on view, what nonsense. The moment the camera is off from public consumption, the pretense is dismissed.

  18. monark jain says

    what a massive bellend michael owen is.

  19. Dude Dude says

    Well, Ole is better, he got 3rd, and it looks like he will sign Grealish, Sancho, and a centre back

  20. Kennedy Boateng says

    Well dan frank we luv you so much keep it up ??

  21. Miy Name says

    Covid 19 helped alot if clubs out.

  22. Vuyisa Ntanta says

    Tim Sherwood and Michael Owen hate Jose ……so pathetic , always negative when it comes to Mourinho . It doesn't matter what good He does , never want to credit the Man . What a shame …

  23. TizerisT says

    you see lampards attributes rub off on those around him. work hard, be professional, dont complain, win trophies.

  24. Phạm Long says

    Now you recognize how good Lampard is. He tried so hard to overcome all difficulties with the club

  25. John Wick says

    Thanks Wolves for allowing us to buy Havertz.

  26. Benjimen Okyere says


  27. Abuu Moha says

    Tim Sherwood is Class Pundit,No bias whatsoever!

  28. Nwozichi Izuchukwu says

    Frank for me is the best in England this season

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