Chelsea's Most Memorable Long Range Goals Part 2 | Frank Lampard, Essien, Diego Costa & More


Take a look back at part 2 of Chelsea’s best long range goals from oldest to the most recent. Let us know which one is your favourite. And make sure you check out part 1:

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

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  1. Debbie Williams says


  2. Zul Ism says

    Scott carson alone got it 2 times ?

  3. Agus Putra says

    Ada mamang essien

  4. whiskey biscuits says

    Today's makelele is kante

  5. Z H says

    I have been binge watching all these videos of the best goals by Chelsea and just realized that we had some of the best players to have played the game in last 2 decades

  6. Irfan Zuhdi says

    That lampard’s goal vs everton is the reason i love football. More or less chelsea. Been knowing football since 2004 but it was that shot from lampard which amazed me

  7. Milan Nikolic says

    This needs part 3 for sure.

  8. Yudha Prayoga says

    essien legend persib bandung

  9. x c says

    Shame we sold Cahill

  10. Abhijit Santra says

    You missed raul meriles's long ranger

  11. Garrett Peters says

    Matic vs Tottenham!!!!????

  12. Felix Mbugua says

    Lampard leads Chelsea as a true legend should???

  13. Jay Powell says

    Best Team in the WORLD

  14. Jhonatan Granados says

    Tomori's was my favorite.

  15. Abasi Fundi says

    I think lampard

  16. bos sihaloho says

    David luiz vs fulham

  17. Milind Masurkar says

    Drogba goal against Everton is missing

  18. bms saeed says

    i love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ chelsea

  19. H U Faqiryir Dawona says


  20. H U Faqiryir Dawona says

    ? ? ? ? ????

  21. prince osars says

    Pedro celebrating with a fan probably thinking he's part of the team?

  22. Chloe Chen says

    The Wolves player provided an amazing assist for Tomori. ?

  23. Natanael Nascimento says

    Cadê o gol do Oscar contra a Juventus

  24. David Ilić says

    Mario Stanic's debut goal vs West Ham deserved to be on this list…

  25. Baby GROOT says

    Super ??

  26. Unknown Life says

    Chelsea drills back then were probably hitting shots from half field

  27. Unknown Life says

    Makelele inspired fifa pro clubs cdms

  28. Infinite Abundance says



    Tammy… looking sharp

  30. sardonic-space says

    makelele doing great things

  31. Kyaw Win says


  32. Руслан Набатов says

    Ammm, what about David Luiz's goal against Fulham in 2013???

  33. Rizal Hilmi says

    PERSIB legend ?

  34. liibaan89 says

    Loved the celebration with the fan in the Pedro v Everton goal!!

  35. BELAJAR MOBIL says

    Chelsea when will you play football again? I miss you Chelsea

  36. Jimmie Munyi says

    that fan at 8:48 dodged the steward lol. I love how Pedro celebrated with him too.

  37. mohamed abdi says

    Juliano belleti

  38. Match Attax Xuân Asus says

    Good L8 ?

  39. alfian sah says

    Legenda persib essien ?

  40. Hiro Ishi says

    Long or even mid-range goals are something I want to see more from Chelsea now. Frank was a specialist. All he needed was a little bit of space in front of the opponent semi-circle.I love Jimmy's fast shots. His shots were the fastest ever at Chelsea.

  41. Kovic says

    Lampard has so much class!!

  42. New moon says

    Just imagine this was the 2020 chelsea team we would be unstoppable

  43. Cinema Memes says

    10:03 kovacic telling him not to shoot

  44. elvis boakye says

    Lampard needs to get someone that shoots like him next season

  45. peter tyson says

    This is what chelsea are missing. Long shots. Have go lads. Brilliant goals . ?

  46. tri4 mantle says

    When ever I see chelsea every time destroys Aston vila ex. Makelele long shot. Eden hazard best solo goal of whole chelsea history

  47. Dib Anbesa says

    There is no such a long range goal than Essiens goal against arsenal!

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