Chelsea’s ‘STUPID DEFENDING’ vs. Liverpool could be a problem in final game | Premier League


ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Steve Nicol and Don Hutchison join Dan Thomas to react to Liverpool’s 5-3 win over Chelsea at Anfield. Burley laments Chelsea’s “stupid defending” and says there’s no chance they’ll keep a clean sheet in their crucial final match vs. Wolves if they play like that again.

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  1. Roman Darius says

    How come the Nigeria Team is 100 percent black, but white countries are having multiculturalism forced down their throats. Do you people know that you could count the number of white players on the French Soccer team that won the 2015 World Cup?

  2. Divady says

    the chelsea problem comes only from the goalkeeper … he does not move, does not anticipate anything … and lampard will really have to put Pulisic with Giroud at the start of the match ..mount makes lousy crosses and missed opportunities .. crosses too long ….. giroud can score several times if the centers are precise …. example pulisic on abraham …pulisic on giroud precedent match
    the match would have been different if pulisic had entered with giroud..and also barcley

  3. streaky says

    Somebody tell Stevie his shelf isn't level..

  4. Slava Belkin says

    We need Onana

  5. Vaibhav Deshpande says

    I don't agree that the system was a problem against Liverpool…. Ok, they let 5 Goals in but if we analyse them most of the goals were not due to system's fault at all..- If we see the first goal, it was a judgmental error/ mistake from Willian that gifted Naby the goal. – The second goal was from a free kick from Trent which was wonderful no denying that but was helped by poor positioning of the Goalkeeper…. Again nothing related to the system…. – Goal from a Corner again nothing to do with the 3 at the back system… More to do do with dealing with set pieces which has been poor (Don't remember seeing goals like that during John Terry – Carvalho partnership 🙁 ) Nonetheless, If we look at stats, Chelsea matched Liverpool in terms of possession, in terms of attempts on goal. Chelsea were a real threat especially in the 2nd half ( they changed individuals but the system was the same) In fact, I am of the opinion that Chelsea were doing good with the system.

  6. Hendrawan Gosali says

    Even a donkey doesn't make false twice. Don't worry, be optimistic …

  7. Adzam uddin says

    This Chelsea now is like Liverpool's 2013/2014 squad. Decent attack but poor defense.

  8. The Hopper says

    I have a question is the next season going too start right away or after a break?

  9. Ayman El-mahdi says

    I would sell Jorginho and get declan rice because he can play cb and cdm equally as good and hes a leader then id just get a lb and good keeper like donnaruma

  10. Benton Joseph says

    They like focusing on the bad but Pulisic Reece James and Mason is on fire

  11. cfc fan says

    If Tomori is fit he needs to play so that Adama doesn't just run by everyone.

  12. John Eminah says

    No surprises with this result honestly. This was the same Chelsea team beaten soundly by United 3 times this season including twice at Stamford bridge and lost 11 times in the league alone prior to this game with Liverpool. The fact that Ole rested key players like Martial, Greenwood and Pogba in the FA CUP coupled with two gifts by David De Gea aside Maguire's own goal deceived Chelsea to think they're better than they really are. This is their level so no surprises there for me. Pulisic actually made the result look closer than it should have been.

  13. 3MRSPACELY Mathurin says

    Chelsea aren't in the same class as LFC

  14. CLAW BBQ says

    Man U don't wanna risk a draw IMO. Anyone can score in the last minute.

  15. Kopchat Tv says

    More Liverpool reaction on our channel lads

  16. David Cobb says

    You’ll all eat your words when Chelsea finish 3rd and lift the cup in Frank’s first season. Yes, the defence needs new personnel but you know that defences are built, not bought. This is a new team, a hungry team and they’ll be winning trophies every year, starting next week.

  17. ERROL GORDON says

    Lampard is just not good for Chelsea. I never see so much goal score on a Chelsea side like now…and they losing so much game ….Lampard as no idea cuz they can't keep a clean sheet

  18. Jay Boland says

    ESPN having on Chelsea again…

  19. Johnnybgood 11 says

    I don't always agree with Burley but his statement about Jorghino's culpability for Liverpool's fifth goal is spot on. Anyone who disagrees should find a highlights video and watch that sequence again. Jorghino should have been aware of the space behind him and given ground to force Curtis Jones into the middle or else committed a tactical foul.

  20. Daryl Ayertey says

    Kepa is irredeemably bad. He can't make a save to save his life and even worse at times he doesn't even bother to try. I am fed up with him. Most of our clean sheets have come on games were he hasn't had a save to make.

  21. Shameema Bhyat says

    0:38 I’m sorry what?! ??

  22. Franko Yaw says

    Why is Chelsea not showing any interest in sorting out this awful defence.

  23. Aiden Smith says

    Chelsea defends like floating air

  24. Uzair Ansari says

    now everyone wants koulibaly

  25. Adem Kilinc says

    Our defense is trash kepa hes just makes our defense look even more trash honestly KEPA ARRIZABALAGA bye bye sunday and in final pulisic start giroud starts and caballero starts COYB ?

  26. Osman Ramirez says

    Aspi loosing too many bad long passes

  27. Mobile Me says


  28. Prince 13 says

    5 goals conceded is just appalling

  29. Kacper Goral says

    This channel is just stupid criticising.

  30. dolly dolly says

    Will suggest us to sell Jorginho and let him go , his just not meant for Chelsea, his a briskets bone , No Good passes

  31. Nadz says

    People dont understand football. Its easy to say we need defenders. We actually need attackers, we always score in 2nd half, we need goals in 1st half to put less pressure ob our defence

  32. Ronald Rain says

    This time it's Chelsea praying very heard for man united to beat Leicester

  33. Ahmed Hatimi says

    Lampard even when u bring merci to Chelsea he will bench him cus of Mason mount ,we were lucky we conceded only 5 goals .

  34. Ahmed Hatimi says

    Chelsea have a worst defense ever ,but yet still Lampard buying only attacking players only


    Bring in tomori if you dont dont stop them in the middle

  36. romari bryant says

    They weren’t all over the place. They just made some bad mistakes as usual

  37. Dj Savj17 says

    Kante will be back for the Wolves game.

  38. Dj Savj17 says

    Trust me guys what ever your hating comments on Chelsea you have we will not loose to Wolves 100%

  39. oun7es says

    I do not think Jorginho is good enough for us in the CDM role as he is so slow and weak – Kova and mount should play behind Havertz when he comes Kepa needs to go – New GK New CB and LB If all of these are done in addition to Werner, Kiyech and Havertz, we will content for the title in the next coming seasons

  40. Teguh Kresnobody says

    the correct tittle should be,, Chelsea stupid goalkeeping

  41. Lewis Summerson says

    How do you beat Kepa? Aim for the top corner or just under the bar.

  42. abhilash paisakula says

    Liverpool's third goal was handball. Kepa made a mistake in the fourth and fifth goals. Not the defenders.The guy you are talking to says Ziyech from Arsenal at 0:38. Shut the channel down mate. Such a bad heading and lame discussion ??.

  43. Jack Doomsday says

    ever since Chelsea got big 3 logo on the front, they really have been playing a colorful football – either they score 3 or they concede 3

  44. Lee Taylor says

    As a Liverpool fan, Pulisic was awesome he changed the game completely, he's going to be a huge threat on the wing and turning inside against premier league defences next season, I'm glad he didn't start because both defences were very open.

  45. James Ruscheinski says

    Have defense protect goal with upper body such as shoulder to shoulder in own half to block offense from running to goal and in penalty box area push forwards away from goal with hand like on corner kicks; so referees can whistle all hitting on legs to take ball away, including hits to back of legs, achilles heel, shins, ankles and feet; perhaps also making sliding in a dangerous play.

  46. Chrispus Mwathe says

    all the blame should be on Lampard…why bench Pulisic for the first time….yes Liverpool a team which likes attacking and we needed Pulisic too to play direct attacking football….it was who scores more…..and Pulisic could have given us more goals

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