1. Dee Panucci says

    Ok I’m only watching this bc she in it

  2. emilyfan505 says

    I just finished the book and I hope the ending of the movie is less sad

  3. Filomeno Lopez says

    i miss betty soooo much. So I'll definitely watch this

  4. Sophie Schalk says

    Omg i read the book?

  5. Pickleclan says

    I can’t stop re-watching this just to see lili on the track field

  6. sat han says

    This is a SIMP movie.

  7. Ashley Hulbert says

    This looks pain numbingly boring

  8. Tamara Johnson says

    Theory:this is betty from riverdale but what they never told u is she got held back and she moved?

  9. Neuronwhisperer says

    It looks pretty lame

  10. Chloe xoxo says

    Wait lili produced this??

  11. Chloe xoxo says

    Would of been better if cole played the guy

  12. Aj Baugh says

    I like that movie

  13. Chloe Lister says

    She is such a good actress in riverdale and in here u can't change my mind

  14. Chloe Lister says

    Here to support lili reinhart ??

  15. Elliot Kirk says

    Wait so is this JJ abrams son?

  16. Hannah Vincent says

    This movie looks amazing

  17. Amanda M says

    I hope they do the book justice.

  18. Wendy says

    Another teenage movie with adult actors

  19. Fırat KARA says

    Ağrıtıyon lan işte sensin

  20. Joey McCray says


  21. Live Brørs says

    From someone who read and loved the book this movie looks very promising. It looks just like I imagined in my head, well casted, and the trailer doesn’t spoil too much of the movie!

  22. simran arora says

    No Big Budget MV Nor Proper Promotion Required.. Just One Name Shehnaaz Kaur Gill & We Shine,https://youtu.be/B_hbJRNInkA

  23. Daljeet Gill says

    https://youtu.be/B_hbJRNInkAWat is dis.. can anyone explain dis to me ?

  24. Jerome Ersando says

    That guy is from the walking dead. He's the one who shot carl

  25. Fanny Lizeth Castro Iraheta says

    ¿Alguien sabe donde lo puedo ver subtitulado en español?

  26. Snoopy101x says

    As a father of a soon to be 3 year old, I do not look forward to his teenage years.I can still remember what mine were like. And I can only imagine what his will be like.

  27. Richard Orim says

    The book is amazing..this looks poor

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