1. Lawrence Smith says

    I swear that spear got a body count on it bra was something serious good flick



  3. Antônio Sergio Brito Barbosa says

    Este filme é muito bom mesmo

  4. Анварбек Жумаев says

    Приветик можно с переводами на русском языке

  5. Francesco Pignataro says

    Name of film ?

  6. Patrick McKinney says

    It a great movie in deed.

  7. Carolyn Richardson says


  8. Sie Thing Liem says


  9. Lilis Mastini says

    Indonesia cap jari

  10. ABD. SYUKUR says

    Pelem th 70

  11. Fernando Ruiz Sanchez says

    Ya que no ha blamos chino y tampoco portugués

  12. Fernando Ruiz Sanchez says

    Me gustaría que las películas fueran traducidas al castellano o con subtítulos a quien en mexico

  13. Eddie De Leon says

    what a nice mode of transportation isn't it, reminds me who invented SIMPLE MACHINE and give me a placed to stand and i move the WORLD …

  14. Yffgy Vvgg says

    من غير متتعبو عيونكم في قراءة التعليقات حبايبي الفلم ممتاز أنصح بالمشاهدة وشكرا مشاهدة ممتعة للجميع

  15. aiham alonzo says

    Its on the go with healthnetmetlife feel better with your heal try ongoing visa on the go with you each.

  16. aiham alonzo says

    Thankyou family lets go google say whem where financial credit union bank nasa now rest sleep stop dispay only simple rest let go nike lets do it puma addidas lets go olympics rebooks payless vans all foot on

  17. hezaroyekpa nardebon says

    maybe knows someone why in kungfu movie allways the money is like ship ?

  18. Andrea Gilbert says

    There is volume in the being in but not at the end

  19. Kristan cantre says

    Pinav scandal

  20. Utena Claudette Kendall Ray says

    Esta película recuerdo k me inspiro a mi formación ahora k soy una elemento de seguridad ejecutiva y privada cuantos años ya de aquello.

  21. # LuizNog says

    E muito bao gostei

  22. Silva Basmadjyan says


  23. Laurice Treasure says

    In the middle of the show the picture is poor

  24. Đăng Vũ says

    Hay vai

  25. ngoviet hung says


  26. Tiona Linda Nguyen says

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  27. Junidi Junzaki says

    tek indonesia

  28. aantv says

    chinese film..

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