1. Mr. Romania says

    This reminds me of that Skittles commercial with the rabbit.

  2. Wesley VL says

    All druids join the nature convent

  3. Jextra says

    Kinda feels like the melody is going nowhere until a nice progression 1:53-2:22, then it just cuts off and goes back to an unfocused melody.I do like the melancholy of the first part though.

  4. Daugen says

    You can hear a part of this playing in the Ardenweald afterlives!

  5. Ethereal says

    so its Ardenwald?

  6. Puffyeato rabinovich says

    hey there is a song in the valley of spirits in orgrimmar that plays, its like an intense drum beat, and I cant find it anywhere, do you know what it is?

  7. The Sinners Gate says

    This is extremely high-fantasyish. I love it!

  8. IAN XHY says


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