1. Dilly VEVO says

    Sorry it’s a good video but my stupid teacher blasted this at like 120% volume and it was funny as hell

  2. Jessica Hough says

    This was so motivational loved it

  3. Sophie Higson says

    perfect for promoting the subject thank you!

  4. SingingSparow Animations says

    My computing science teacher put this up as homework now i see why…Definitely continuing this courseLike this video if you agree

  5. Kiran Nalawade says

    Really a great video … to encourage yourself about computer science … with best motivation

  6. katherine zambrano says

    Congratulations, this is such a great video. Every day I just confirm that computer science is what I want to study, and this video was a great help, thank you.

  7. bungleofhay says

    Is Computer on the curriculum yet?I realy want to do it.

  8. Deepak Suresh says

    The most Amazing & inspirational video I have ever seen..

  9. Intellicide says

    This is an amazing video, and the soundtrack was epic!!! For those of you who liked the soundtrack it's called "Hall of fame" very inspiring!!!!!

  10. Anthony Harrison says

    Wow! Just watched it with my 10 and 12 year olds who were attracted by the sound track but were most impressed with the presentation and content. Really liked the comment "Don't just play the next game. design it!" We need more of this promotion of this great and diverse subject (although I am biased 🙂 )

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