Chris Wallace Looks Worried About Trump's Mental Health


Chris Wallace looks very concerned about Trump’s mental health after an insane rant. John Iadarola and Francesca Fiorentini break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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“THE WHOLE PATHOLOGY of Donald Trump’s presidency — his inability to accept facts that are not flattering to him, his resort to lying to cover up his mismanagement of the federal government, his staff’s desperate efforts to manufacture evidence to help him mislead the country and the conservative media’s role in enabling all of this — was on full display in just one 63-second exchange with the Fox News anchor Chris Wallace broadcast on Sunday.

Less than two minutes into the interview, Wallace confronted Trump with a damning statistic about his failure to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, relative to other nations. “We have the seventh-highest mortality rate in the world,” Wallace noted, accurately. “Our mortality rate is higher than Brazil, it’s higher than Russia and the European Union has us on a travel ban.”

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  1. Kimberly Morris says

    Unlike your bunches opinions anyone who disagrees with you is crap.All Democrats are this or that.Do you even know what your talking about and How many elections have you voted in?

  2. Kimberly Morris says

    The main point I wanted to make on behalf of President Joe Biden is that he never brings it up or any one else fir that matter. But,he is and has fought a stuttering problem his entire life and thus far has come pretty far.He doesn't lean on his , what some would call a handicap. So, I know if he is taking a moment to speak. It's not because of a cognition problem like Trump. No worries in our camp. In fact, once we have House Senate and Presidency we will still let you be part of our country

  3. Kimberly Morris says

    You know what's really sad is people who have to come on to a site they obviously have nothing in common with to try and get validation if not a response of dislije.No one will even play with you or respond

  4. Terry Tower says

    Trump mentally disturbed.

  5. Julie Mangum says

    So, you admit you didn't watch the interview. With 5 in school, I see the indoctrination in elementary and secondary school. You both don't know what your talking about! TRUMP 2020 is still beating creepy Grandpa Joe!

  6. Theresa Morrow says

    He is soooooo ahead of any of your liberal friends and Biden. You two are off the wall, period.

  7. Wyatt Pike says

    I'm worried about chris Wallace's mental health and yours too for that matter.

  8. Sarah Jean Laughlin says

    You two are idiots

  9. Sarah Jean Laughlin says

    Chris Wallace needs to worry about his own mental health..

  10. Teve Tanders says

    See Dick run.See Sally run.See Jane run.Watch big dog chase.

  11. fairplay right says

    Be worried about Biden….can't put two sentences together…can't give interviews…can't get out of his basement…and he wants to be President…. maybe of an Old Age Home near to his hometown. Trump 2020.

  12. Mystic Merchant says ?✨Support a black owned occult shop ????

  13. Al Veldjesgraaf says

    U tube should not put this crap up just like they ban so much conservative posts

  14. David Bishop says

    Ignore the polls Do you people want a repeat of 2016?Trumptards are too ashamed to admit they’ll vote for himMake Nov 3 a blue landslide so Trump cannot challenge itBut he and Barr are intending to f*ck the American people and steal the election with the 12th Amendment we have to stop itRead this article

  15. Cathy Kila says

    You people are Left.. TRUMP 2020.. Can't wait to see your again

  16. Mel F says

    Can we all just Truman show this shit just for him, in order to have our Co UK entry back? Hell no. NY wouldnt let him back with a ten thousand foot pole!

  17. Alan Zan says

    Your Brain is Damaged and to Google pushing this Crap onto me get Stuffed

  18. HMSMemaw says

    Funny,when he says, "Excuse me, I think we're in the White House .." all of a sudden you hear sirens in the background!????? maybe HELP is coming ?

  19. Guardian Dragon says

    Love Francesca's answers in this one, both her and John are onto something.

  20. Guardian Dragon says

    Ha ha, hee, hee, the sirens are coming to take Donald Trump away to the funny farm where life is sweet and full of honey.

  21. Jeannette Coleman says

    Only if

  22. Anwar Crutchfield says

    Save the drama… Trumps mind is been fucked up since day one.

  23. Wilma Liles says

    My opinion about Chris Wallace is that he appears to be leaning toward the far left liberal socialist. How did they get Wallace to aid their attack on our Law and Order President. WW, you should be ashamed. I am praying for you and the leftist news and the left social Media to look hard at the false news attacks against our President. Why do they not report all the facts about all the great things he has and is doing for America and respect and appreciate how he works so hard for America and our freedoms. It is sad to see how the main Street News media is violating their constitutional freedom to report all the news The constitution does not say they have the right to join together to coverup the swamp Creatures attacks against our President and the American people. to side politically with a party using false narratives to promote votes for a corrupt party. Again. this is my opinion. Prayers for America and for President Trump.???⭐??

  24. Cate McFadden says

    Chris Wallace is a biased LIBERAL!!!

  25. Ron Pol says

    You guys are all screwed up, Trump is Right You liberals Are Simpletons, Listen to the Simpleton Girl talk About nothing

  26. Tim’s Travels says

    This guy is a NUT !

  27. Marsha1901 says

    Trump really is mentally ill, I truly believe that he needs to be sectioned.

  28. Patricia Carlton says

    why don't you shut your fat face

  29. queenyt4ever says

    Straight out of the fascist's handbook. Read about Mussolini and schools.There is a good Documentary about Maria Montessori (World renown Educator) and in touches on this. I made his new obsession with kids in school make sense. This pig is dangerous….

  30. Dusty 1 says

    Fitting Name…. Because you Would have to have Brain Damage To Believe This BS

  31. Edward Burks says

    America still claim that Columbus discovered America despite the fact that the Indians were already here that's the lie that was taught to us by the white academics

  32. Kc Ck says

    You watch and you read asshole really?

  33. Mieke Bruin says

    It is about time kids learn the history of their own country. I'm from Europe and spoke to kids that thought the whole world had the same system. Sitting in Junior high age 14 and learn history we learn when we are 8 years old. On that age we moved on to world history and know more about the US than kids in the US does. One of the problems is as well that geography and history often one combined subject is while in a lot of countries- like mine- they are to subjects.

  34. dave coleman says

    ya need to be really worried about creepy joe bidens mental illness.

  35. Mo De says

    Trump is right 100%

  36. Mo De says

    So the same people burning the flag . Saying fu..k america .Crazy College students who doesnt understand simple basic things with too much bullshit like geneder identitty .feminism . socialist crap .blm bullshit . All that doesnt exist ? . Well i think trump is right you guys are crazy

  37. barbtube01 says

    Trump must be sleeping with Betsy DeVos. Crazy right wing pillow talk.

  38. havefunpk says

    Trump is right. Schools and media are teaching people to hate the United States.

  39. oo 00 says

    #Trump 2020Only swamp creature boot lick the pervert.

  40. Roy Banaczech says

    Trump should take the same ANTI TERROISTS approach he used on ISIS on the BLM/ANTIFA FAR LEFT TERROISTSTRUMP 2040 MAGA?✝️

  41. Thomas Connors says

    Come on TYT- don’t pretend that you aren’t gonna go home and watch school. School has tremendous ratings. Everyone watches school.

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