Christian Pulisic Chelsea's BEST PLAYER!? The sky's the limit – Kasey Keller | ESPN FC


ESPN FC’s Craig Burley and Kasey Keller react to Chelsea’s 1-0 win over Leicester City to advance to the semifinals of the FA Cup. Burley credits Frank Lampard for making necessary changes and reportedly criticizing the team at halftime after a lackluster effort. Keller comments on Lampard saying USMNT star Christian Pulisic can be one of the top goal scorers in the world, saying the sky is the limit for the American.


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  1. John Southwell says

    you can’t teach pace

  2. Favoulites says

    What does quiet have to do with performance? Rudiger is a loud mouth but has been serving dross for weeks now

  3. Brendo Kroler says

    Although he’s on fire right now kovacic has been amazing for Chelsea this season the whole time

  4. Jacob Luto says

    I’m American… they have Kante… WC mvp?

  5. Claudiu Chirita says

    I dont see any comments about Kovacic, you already forgot him???

  6. Mix Better Now says

    When fit, Pulisic is already Chelsea’s 2nd best player behind Kovacic. Let’s also keep in mind he just turned 21. He’s THAT GOOD 🔥🔥🔥 Kids on track to be a future Chelsea legend and a staple of the attack for the next decade.

  7. Jose Figueroa says

    Lol, best player. I love Pulisic, but he’s still a borderline starting player on the squad. Mount is a better player at relatively the same age. Don’t even mention him with Kante, Willian, Jorginho

  8. SmithN' Wesson says

    I remember when Chelsea signed Pulisic there were a lot of angry fans but the kid looks to be proving the haters wrong. Has massive talent and a ton of potential

  9. CBD is the way says

    Absolutely he is. I just wish that Lampard would play Kante and Gilmour together. Gilmour as defensive midfield and Kante as a central defender. Our defenders are awful and Kante would be amazing as a defender. And that way we can play Cheek, Gilmour and either Kovacic or Mount in midfield

  10. Nico London says

    what accent is that from the first man speaking?

  11. Areo Deus says

    American carrying british team🤣🤣

  12. M O says

    Wait til hakim plays

  13. Lawrence Chengo says

    He has flair and he is quite quick

  14. Ntumbuluko Tshabane says

    Kovacic is our best player. Y'all saw how he changed the game with Azplicueta's runs

  15. Hussein Alawi says

    Captain america

  16. Aron Gruber says

    Nah its kante

  17. VISHNU M says

    Change ESPN FC to Pulisic FC plz

  18. Beto Vivero says

    Stop it don’t try in inflate him espn soccer are some of the weakest in the game 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️🤫

  19. Mike D says

    The quiet folks are the best. Their play does the talking.

  20. CMAD123 says

    In 2019 he was an overrated American tho lmao

  21. Wiston munis says

    So what does it mean for pulisic…..

  22. Matt Sorisho says

    I love Hazard with all my heart and I appreciate everything he's done for Chelsea, but I think Pulisic has definitely helped fill that Hazard void. In terms of talent, they are both very high up there, but i actually believe Pulisics output can be even better than Hazard's. He's missed a good chunk of the season and hes still got 13 goal contributions in all competitions. Hazard was known to be somewhat lazy in training, but I know for a fact Pulisic puts everything into his training and thats what makes me believe he has a chance at being even greater than Hazard in terms of their output. Of course, this is assuming that he keeps playing consistently and injury free. Love the both of them

  23. Robert Mitchell says

    Bill Belichick, Nick Saban, Christian Pulisic all Croatians. None known for their bubbly extroverted personality.

  24. Biff Danielson says

    As long as he doesn't transfer to Barça or Madrid.

  25. guy says

    how you about to just disrespect Kovacic with that title like that

  26. M.muhammad says

    Of course he is come on. Our form was soo bad when he got injured and now that he's recovered we r starting to become our old selves again

  27. TheJonny9956 says

    When he score 15 goals and 10 assists in the season we'll talk!!

  28. SirVader1 says

    Espn so biased

  29. Jermaine Davids says

    This is a very disrespectful title, you have world cup winners on the side and you're talking about Christian Pulisic who couldn't even qualify for a world cup smh.

  30. Rysslass says

    If it's potential, Willian is still there.

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