Christian Pulisic is now one of the first names in the Chelsea XI – Craig Burley | Premier League


Should Chelsea have kicked the ball out when Crystal Palace’s Gary Cahill pulled up with an injury? ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Frank Leboeuf and Don Hutchison are at odds over whether Chelsea were unsportsmanlike or if it was indeed fair to continue play. After another fine performance from Willian, Burley addresses whether or not Frank Lampard should sign the Brazilian for another three years. Plus, Christian Pulisic’s scintillating form for the Blues continues with another goal — but has the young USMNT star become the most important player in Chelsea’s squad?
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  1. Evelyn Martinez says

    He definitely has to be in the starting 11 every match for next season???

  2. Evelyn Martinez says

    His plays pretty similar to Eden Harzard when he runs the ball pretty much like his style play???

  3. The Jester says

    "Pulisic is weak and timid" – Craig Burley lololz

  4. janelle says

    We’re like proud parents of our US soccer protégée! (Proud parents of pulisic)

  5. Jim Wilson says

    He was on the bench a couple of weeks ago, that's down to Lampard, doesn't know his best 11 from week to week, almost as clueless as Ole

  6. Mark Anthony says

    You don't stop a goal bound attack for any reason. Is not fairplay to stop, it I foolishness; even Palace wouldn't have done that for their own player.

  7. SmithN' Wesson says

    Lot of fans doubted Pulisic being signed but the kid has been really developing into a solid player. He has a ton of potential and could become the best player on the Blues in a few years.

  8. Football Renegade says

    No need to stop it's the referee to stop it .crazy

  9. Robert Simbeiywet says

    Boao of woa(bottle of water)….PETA paka (peter parker)….watava(whatever)…. Are u scheeewpid (are u stupid)..ployaaa (player)..prodoct (product)……who else is struggling here ….British be like?????

  10. Mark Hawkins says

    I'm also a Barca fan, but i love Pulisic, he's a gem. Chelsea gonna be lit next season with their new signings and Pulisic they're gonna be hard to beat

  11. Zwelihle Mtshali says

    Pulisic is a Messi typa player, unpredictable when he's on the ball

  12. The Maharani's Closet says

    PULISIC is like a carbon copy of a young Michael Owen

  13. Danny Hustle says

    Pulisic is so good but sadly he play for Chelsea. He better than hazard.

  14. Ryan Smith says

    ESPN: What does [X] mean for Pulisic?Pulisic: Kills meme by playing like Hazard.

  15. FavreianVengeance says

    So, I guess there isn't a fourth place team.This reflects the EPL and its enablers perfectly.MU is getting one PK after another to try to get them into the Champion's League.

  16. Ana Davis says

    When you have millions riding on those 3 points when you have jobs riding on those 3 points. You score.

  17. John Wick says

    Can you imagine stopping play every time Neymar is on the ground?

  18. R 23 says

    Pulisic is a new generation of footballer.

  19. Michael Vega says

    Christian is only in his early twenties, just wait until he gets on a bit then you will really see something special. He needs a little more seasoning and playing in the Premier league will do him just fine. Chelsea has a real diamond ready to sparkle. Yea.

  20. Raulito Mares says

    He probably thought Cahill trip.

  21. LeShannon Sharpe says

    We all know if it was the other way round, there would be no sympathy for Chelsea complaining

  22. Nick Wells says

    nobody in their right mind is gonna stop playing in that situation get over yourself leboeuf

  23. Benjamin Liu says

    One of the only things atm that makes me proud to be an American :')

  24. Julio Alvarado says

    Lol he was being sentimental.

  25. Herc11355 says

    It hurts burley to talk positively regarding Pulisic. You can see it in his miserable face.

  26. omi patwa says

    A pointless discussion! Cahill was never gonna stop Willian

  27. NIKOS PLAKIAS says

    Anybody who said that Kepa should have save Zaha's Goal doesn't know about goalkeeping. Zaha kicked the the Ball with the outside of his boot and gave the ball a trajectory like a banana that make it go towards the centre of the Goal initially (where Kepa extend his Arm to save it) but when the ball arrived to the Goal had moved to enough to the right where Kepa couldn't save it. And yes he made mistakes distributing the ball, but he saved the 3 points with his last Save

  28. NIKOS PLAKIAS says

    Kepa also save the 3points in the Watford game (the one before the restart) when he Saved the last minute header from the Watford goalkeeper Ben Forster. I think we are too quick to demonise him for all the Chelsea defence problems. T. Courtois had the worst stats of the League during the 2015- 2016 'Mourinho' Season. Was he so bad of a goalkeeper? Stats don't tell all the truth, has he made one Error that lead to Goal 'a la De Gea' or like the ones Hugo Lloris and Arsenal's Leno do all the time. I don't think so. He is above average keeper with a very-very Shaky defence in front of him he needs time and good defenders

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