Cinema 2013 – First quarter ONLY [Best movies]


Tribute 100% edited by me,
Tim Schweizer (Cut/Edit/Effects, etc…
Complete 1st 2013 (January, February, March) ALL MOVIES!
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1. “The Immortals” by Kings of Leon (0:00 – 1:14)
2. “Break The Silence” by The Dig (1:25)
3. “Crushing Blow” by Jack Trammell (2:51 – 3:31)
4. “Fight For Freedom” by Jack Trammell (3:34 – 3:54)
5. “This Must Be The Place” by David Byrne (3:55 – 5:13)

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  1. Vadym Volodko says

    I see that's only one good place where you can watch cinema movies online, just go to CinemaVariety website, register and enjoy quality of your stream.

  2. Stevin Spalberg says

    Your editing skills are simply UNBELIEVABLE! BREATHTAKING! You are a genius. Period.

  3. Luna Lighter says


  4. Shawnlima231 says

    Why don't you put the names of the movies? In the description or something, I came to find good movies that came out I had forgotten about. 

  5. Радна Цыбикжапов says

    there is list of movies?

  6. N54VAGE says

    The Place Beyond the Pines was my favorite film.

  7. Producciones Edu says

    INCREDIBLE. YOU ARE A GENIUS!! THE MUSIC, THE VIDEO…. AMAZING YOUR JOB. My channel Produccionesedu1 there is also a video with the best films ever. Check out a look and subscribe if you can you also. A friendly greeting friend ;

  8. Alexa Abby says

    love it.

  9. Michael Ujwary says

    I do like it and am anticipating your future work. Btw, what are the songs?

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