1. Theo Philus says

    "i suggest you put on a tie!"

  2. Abdul Kossie says

    Its eyegore , ok frodrick

  3. liamnaruto says

    young frankstein it's melbrooks movie…. some don't know this saddesn me greatly

  4. jbranstetter04 says

    To have big knockers like that, you need to have big doors as well.

  5. Darict says

    Young Frankenstein

  6. Stevethedawg says

    Nothing like a big tit gag.

  7. Steven Harris says


  8. Ron Inbar says

    – Werewolves?!
    – There, wolves. There, castle.

  9. bapyou says


  10. BardandQueen says

    i love love love this movie! XD

  11. legaliseme says

    i love this movie

  12. Jason says


    "knockers" for breasts became slang in the late 30s/early 40s.

  13. SgtBastard101 says


  14. paerarru says

    Teri Garr was a babe.

  15. NWeagle888 says

    … I swear you just spoke another language.

  16. Beach says

    This movie is ful of great lines

  17. ffpolarbear10 says

    HAHA love this movie!!

  18. Nathan Gordon says

    "Cocain's a helluva drug"

  19. bardybeard says

    what movie is this?

  20. PinkXenjoi says

    what are you babbling about?

  21. 54spiritedwill54 says

    classic movie

  22. Wierdperson31 says

    What knockers!

  23. JMein13074 says

    Is it just me or does Teri Garr and Sarah Chalke look alike?

  24. Dagwood says

    This film was the first time they were referred to in the plural.

  25. shermanmi says


  26. oneguycoding says

    I was a very impressionable 14 year old when this came out. I definitely remember that that scene got a rise out of me, if you'll forgive the expression.

  27. mriosss says

    lmaooo 😀

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