1. N is for Noble says

    Inb4 All Knowing Token Native American guy

  2. Renee Chamberland says

    They don't mate for life!!! Sad how little they knew when they made this movie, lol.

  3. bradyfitzy says

    OrcaOrca 2Orca 3-DOrca: The Revenge

  4. Charlotte Webster says

    First roar sounded like a lion. Second sounded a bloke in a sound booth going "Rrrrroooarrr!!!" I have to watch this movie.

  5. Phoenix van der Weyden says

    Free Willy : Dark Days Jokes aside , that´s a very good movie , i used to watch it all the time as a kid .

  6. Jason Case says

    It astounds me if anyone looked at the surface only and called this a ripoff of Jaws.

  7. Jason Case says

    This is the reverse of the great novel Moby Dick.The seeker of vengeance is the whale while it's the Man that is Captain Ahab in Moby Dick.

  8. StarlightPrism says

    … Did the orca roar?

  9. Mateo Perez Jimenez says

    The orca's mate's baby was hoed into the water

  10. Scottie says

    I heard a squid is vengeful beast meaning when their young or maybe mates are killed by people they'll want revenge.

  11. Mina Wolf says

    Those stupid cruel people they killed the Orca's mate and thats what made him a killer. He wants revenge!!!

  12. S Smith says

    Fucking Garbage!!..

  13. Charlotte Webster says

    Check the roar around 1:02 

  14. CJ P. says

    WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?!lmfaooo

  15. CubanPete1990 says

    Willy No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Zander Warrior says

    I love orcas and in this movie they made orcas look like monsters and their not they are known for saving drowning people and protecting people from sharks. But it was a good movie

  17. jon ojar says

    sry this movie is crap made the whale look like a murderer.

  18. Syphon Filter says

    @bottle2lip I agree.  I think it stands on its own.  There was a lot more "emotion" involved whereas Jaws was pretty much a menacing, monster flick. 

  19. bottle2lip says

    it' no jaws. But Orca was a pretty decent large predator/vs man film

  20. Son of Hecate says

    I hate movies about animal cruelty and this movie puts in where you should know very well that killer whales will get you for something that has affected them in the profoundly negative.BTW, is this movie based on the book of the same name by Arthur Herzog III?

  21. Fox 4 says

    Saw this last night. Was pleasantly surprised. Great performance from Harris. Not "Jaws" good, but leagues better than any other creature film I've ever seen.

  22. Roseph Jand says

    I like how the Orca whoops dat ass on Nolan at the end of the movie.

  23. Rick S says

    Easily one of the worst movies.

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