Cleanest Shaco gameplay while ranting about out-of-touch music labels


Streamers: I like music
500 year old Record labels: Nice, stop listening to our music
I hope you like the video, enjoy!

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  1. Sylvain MF says

    Actually we can compare what you are saying to Theatre. Big companies said they were losing because of piracy but going in theatre keeps on increasing. In France we got the second highest level of watchers since 53 years for the year 2019. And the drop in viewers was between 1970 and 1980 – internet/ripping/cd didn't even exist.

  2. Random ness says

    Music copyrighting is dumb,like we don't live in times of CDs and cassettes,now everything is accessable and free so if they don't use your songs in their streams which is free promotion btw,someone will listen to it free of charge and you don't earn shit

  3. Romeo Briones says

    Will you still be uploading on the new channel?

  4. Random name says

    18:59 That's their argument. They aren't saying that they're losing views, they're saying that their music enhances your stream experience and thus they believe they should earn some of the revenue. The issue is that they take all of your revenue because there is no such system that allows them to take an appropriate amount of your earnings (which should be a very small amount really). Thus, they fall back to copyright strikes, because it's easy money in the short term. They don't see how it can be damaging in the long run.

    Edit: as for the exposure you mention later on, that is true for smaller musicians. But big musicians like Drake or Ed Sheeran don't need that exposure, and thus the music labels behind them won't benefit from that exposure. So they would rather cash in on copyright strikes/fines or force you to pay a monthly "license" fee to play their record label's music than that (to them respectively) little exposure.

    And don't get me wrong, I agree with you that it is stupid, but I'm just explaining the reason why they do it. They're corporations after all, with the soul purpose of earning as much money as they can.

  5. Kjjj E says


  6. Gentleman Joker says

    btw protatomonster had some reall bad irl happenings i think he quit/retired. if not he's on a very long unspecified hiatus

  7. Gentleman Joker says

    yeah the studies are indie music devs and game devs as well as a portion of jp music and games intentionally by the creator go onto pirate bay and the like, why???? cuz fucking demos don't exists sample songs dont exists anymore, let ppl hear see try your product n if they have money maybe they support you! you're at least getting the word out about your new game/song. but if the person pirating music games movies w/e and they A. hate it or B.don't have money for it guess what you're not getting a dime from them anyway. you can't get blood from a stone. neither can you get money from ppl who don't know or don''t like your product.
    true fans will buy a copy even if they have a pirated song/game, i've done it plenty, pretty sure i've bought every indie i pirated after the fact. triple A games though eh. that shit's always a 1 and done not worth 60-70 u.s.d $ i'd have felt scammed if i legit bought those beat them in 10hrs and oh guess what no reply no extra content thx for the money plebs let's go half bake another game/song says every mega corp ever. anyway im ranting i digress i've made my point, pirating is glorified free advertisement and just like streamers ppl can CHOOSE to throw money at it or not.

  8. Darkasy Edits says

    I would have flamed the Thresh so hard for pulling the buff away from my boxes.

  9. HORIZN says

    Comment for algorithm

  10. JD Muñoz says


  11. 1337strvids says


  12. Memo F. says

    Ey Shaclone, mach doch mal deutsches Gameplay paar Videos mit anderen deutschen Lol-youtubern. Dein Kanal braucht mal bisschen frischen Wind, dieser englische Film ist schon längst vorbei

  13. Abdullah Sungurlu says

    Udyr ghost 😀 perfect

  14. TechChannel says

    nice game

  15. hrvatska/sverige says

    that thresh

  16. Peterle Ki says


  17. M a T ToRiX says

    this channel dead af

  18. giannis menegatos says


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