Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics Nintendo Minute CHALLENGE!


Nintendo Minute is never a minute! Today we’re playing a few games in Clubhouse Game: 51 Worldwide Classics. Of course we had to make this into a challenge so make sure to watch until the end to see who won and who had to suffer the facial hair punishment. It’s great to play online with friends but there are tons of other game modes too like local play and Mosaic Mode. We hope you check this game out when it launches on June 5. As always, thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you next week!

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-Kit & Krysta

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  1. L D says

    No more real life tours in mario kart tour

  2. L D says

    Don’t do crossover tours besides Kirby.

  3. VideoGameStupid LC says

    I think Krysta has been getting her drink on a lot more during this quarantine.

  4. Plutogreen123 says

    Why am i excited for this

  5. RandyMayCrazy says

    so who else playing competitive speed online? no one? just me? damn

  6. Sean Vitanvil says

    persona 5 morgana  for smash bros ultimate

  7. Dakota Andrews says

    "Jaunty little creatures."I believe they're called children.

  8. Víctor González says

    The game includes Mahjong (riichi, not the solitaire) but nobody talks about it 🙁 that makes me very sad

  9. Vinayak Choudhary says

    This is what I want to buy

  10. HackerV98 says

    Not 50, 51.

  11. ベランダの柵に座す猫 says

    これ本当に楽しそうだよねLooking forward to the release date

  12. ibrahim Alharbi says

    Pls make this game online ..

  13. expresionless 0.5 says

    Are these two dating? Because, damn, that dude has got a face…

  14. oofy le Grand oof says

    I still can’t wait for the game to come out!I got a pre-purchase

  15. Chat Myers says

    I don't pre-order games and I pre-ordered this. This is gonna be amazing for family game night AND downtime at work.

  16. Bj Gabel says

    Finally the wii tanks gets a sequal

  17. sonsterlad says

    Is this a remake of the DS game?

  18. Felix says

    Why i cant Play Bowling with 3-4 Persons

  19. Nathan C says

    why does the browse game thing say it was made in 2005?

  20. Skie the folf says

    the black pixels on the blue background made me scared for a second because I had dropped my laptop and I didn't want it to have any dead pixels

  21. Chopper n3crozma says

    Imagine if this collection had 64 worldwide classics.

  22. Benjamin Denverstone says

    I love this game. I've been playing more of the card games. I just really wish I had the $300 Switch.

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