CNET How To – Transfer VHS tapes to your computer


Learn how to digitally record old analog VHS home movies onto your computer using one simple cable and some free time.

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  1. Blemmy says

    CNET: "Don't break the law."Everyone recording VHS screener promos and putting them up on YouTube:

  2. Frenky says

    hello and good day Sir. I have one question maybe you can help me whit it.i just bought the product but I have one issue whit VHS player because I don't have SCART jack input to put in the VHS Recorder, what should I do, any suggestion maybe?. its only one audio jack on the recorder!Thanks in Advance for any suggestion. this is my VHS recorder @t

  3. Zabe Denton says

    Nowdays the converter cable is cheap, and the VCR is expensive/hard to find.

  4. Herbert Chapman AFC says

    Hello I have this a Panasonic model NV-SV121 – Please can you help me …All the display legends came up alight and the unit was not responsive… I powered down and now it won't power up. I need to know why that might have happened? I thought it felt hot on the case at its 32 oC hot day …anyone seen all the front screen all legend symbols light up before? I powered down left 5 mins then powered up and now no lights nothing 🙁 Thank you

  5. JP Marion says

    Can I convert vhs to MP4 using NCH VideoPad?

  6. Zagreos says

    Why are you using an apple computer?

  7. Michael Siddle says

    These adapters are only about A$15 including postage on ebay. I have a couple and they work just fine.

  8. Sefakatemashe Nessibu says

    What if my computer is full of space

  9. _1990_babyface says

    My dvd+r isn't reading my laptop

  10. Wesley Watson says

    I assume this method would work with a 35mm vhs Camera with audio and video out?

  11. iamSketchH says

    THANK YOU. I've been looking for a way to convert my home videos to DVD, and the VCR+DVD player I have refuses to do it because there's a little space between each video on the VHS, so it dumps everything. This is SO much better!

  12. dayvid says

    So the cable isn't expensive but the Capture software to edit out unwanted content is what costs a lot?? In order to edit do you need the capture software or does the cable do everything?!?

  13. Wilderness Worthy says

    Do you have a link to the product?

  14. DragonWolf5589 says

    except in the uk its scart connections only as far as i can find. lol

  15. John Cuir says

    I don't have the three connection pieces for insert at the back I have two scarts. But I have a conection piece that will use a scart and has the three coloured connecters . Will these do?

  16. Vũ Công Long says

    why u didnt use SD card ???

  17. Enrico Sanchez says

    Thank you, Ferris Bueller, enjoy your day off!

  18. The Ban Man says

    Boy, I remember when 750 megabytes of storage was a lot

  19. Ter Gro says

    There r cheaper ones out there

  20. i asimov says

    I used to have a machine that was a combined VHS player/ DVD recorder designed to transfer video tapes. May still be around here someplace. It worked well unless the VHS tape was copy protected.

  21. Robert Lewis says



    I was interested until the 80 dollar attachment was mentioned not worth it….

  23. Ronald Treitner says

    nice tip, rip off product. it's only against the law to make copies to sell, post on the internet, etc., you can make them for yourself to watch, no one has ever gotten busted for copying their own movies for personal use.

  24. slodown says

    Many thanks Donald. Easy to follow explanation. Much appreciated.

  25. 10th Man says

    our police protect child rapists, but copying a VHS tape and they on ya like zombies.

  26. arcaneminded says

    What if you don't have a fkn VCR player and your mum just dumps a bunch of tapes on your doorstep and expects you to figure it out?

  27. Obifuntoknowme says

    That is bloody excellent, many thanks.

  28. john karagos says

    I have a cheaper way to do the same thing. Play the tape on your TV face your LAP TOP to the TV and RECORD.

  29. Vintage Soul says

    It is not a dead format. Believe me there are many collectors of VHS! Also there are some straight to VHS movies that never made it onto DVD(mostly horror flicks) and that makes them very collectable. Another thing is that on some movies they permantly delete scenes that would probably never be able to be seen again if it wasn't for VHS! There are even people that love VHS so much that they got permission to transfer 1000's of VHS over, and they are putting the originals into what is going to be a museum of sorts…

  30. Honesty Counts says

    He describes VHS as a 'Dead Format', and says at 2:11 "You've rescued these movies from a dead format". He advises recording those files to a DVD or your computer. It is the year 2020 now and both DVDs and computers themselves are now 'Dead Formats'. Everyone is streaming stuff using their smartphones, almost no one uses a computer anymore unless it is for work.

  31. RETUSAF1995 says

    Easycap USB 2.0 Video Audio VHS to DVD Converter Capture Card Adapter Cable KY, $7.85 and free shipping @ Ebay.

  32. david hall says

    Who has a vhc player these days, easier to copy from you tube.

  33. KooLaidblue says

    LoL well DUH. I was expecting to see some short of free hack using the vcr and splicing cords or something

  34. Mike Fusco says

    Will this work to get saved recordings from a scientific America cable box??

  35. Carsten Kruse says

    I want to transfer VHS-film to burned dvd's.I have a Panasonic super drive NV-MV15 VHS, and when I tried to convert to my computer, the picture was jumping.I used a USB EasyCAP USB2 Video Capture with a switchable scart male to 3x RCA male video cable.- I read that using a external framesync tbc can be useful. But when I search it, I'm not finding one to buy. I am not insanely prone for it to be the best…just to be done.I am a novice…so if you could explain it in plain language how to solve my problem, it would be appreciated.

  36. Albie Fraser says

    What I'm trying to do, without great success, is to get my old home video's onto iMac, any suggestions welcome, I recently bought a good Sony video player.

  37. Walkertongdee says

    hey c net its not illegal to copy for your own use duh That is what the VCR did stupid.

  38. timmy 900 says

    What if I want to put it on cd

  39. Daniel Godfrey says

    It’s only illegal if you sell the content.

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