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  1. Kumi Creami says

    Heads upThere'll be more videos on this game 100% more towards gameplay and the action, there'll no lobby talks like this one.The Discord link is also now expired after the 25 people. Wait for further announcement on when I'll open more Discord link again soon <3In the mean time, keep up to date with me on Instagram :

  2. วาทเอก แย้มยิ้ม says

    Every video of you are funny. I love this channel. คลิปสนุกมากครับ<3

  3. AmzHubert says

    Are you swaggcreamtube by any chance?

  4. million billions says

    If u listen closely at 3:41 u can actually hear “Im in me mums plane” xDDDD LOL

  5. William Evan says

    Arctic came back on the last vidJonas and Saibref came back on this vidOh, it’s all coming together

  6. Simon tyler23 says

    bois this is what we’ve been waitin for O_O

  7. SHA_DARK says

    คอนเทนต์​จัดๆ​ keep up the good work dude

  8. milky milkman says

    Yo that’s a great video as usual

  9. Cat in a box says

    Content 🙂

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