Coffee Run – Blender Open Movie


Fueled by caffeine, a young woman runs through the bittersweet memories of her past relationship. Get the production files, assets, tutorials and exclusive making-of videos by joining Blender Cloud at

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  1. Flame_Lord The gamer says

    How you feel after drinking an energy drink for the first time

  2. churchmouse0010 says

    had to watch this one about five times, very well done

  3. Vai says

    the more i look and think about it the sadder it gets

  4. mezh says

    This looks like good platformer

  5. brendon marwein says

    please don't kill cats like that. Great work though

  6. AboutShir0 says

    Is that a loop animation or somethin

  7. WeirdBrain says

    I didn't expect this colorful animated short to have so much death.

  8. A.M. film says

    super !

  9. nasir uddin says

    ? nice

  10. Sherlock Holmes says

    I really need one of those in the mornings!

  11. h-3 -00-0 says

    change………change to be better.

  12. dbSoft Comp. says

    I think there is a story telling behind this video,if authour could enlighten us?

  13. DinkleDigeroo says

    Oh how edgy, the promotion of the idea that you can't win, when in fact we can and will. Time is numbered.

  14. Huday says

    why does the ferris wheel only have one seat?

  15. Ali Ibrahim says

    Damn .. that was powerful felt every scene and emotion. Sucks to relate to it

  16. Gord Groat says

    Snappy… a wink and a nod to Run Lola Run.

  17. Cheems Boiger ye says

    Oh, that's her thinking about her life.

  18. Cheems Boiger ye says

    Don't kill a cat 🙁

  19. Captain Hawk says

    she feels moved by the guy asking the girl to marry him but she dosent feel moved when she throws a cat out of a window, kills a baby and jumps on a dead body and a sick guy

  20. SomeTuber says

    Just make this a game already. I'm willing to pay for it.

  21. a a says

    as a general rule i dislike "shorts"i still click on blender stuff because you guys always do something great.I was rewarded for my click.

  22. typical hippie says

    And that's kids, how poop water can be bad for you.

  23. mp3destroyer2355 says

    Wait,it's all a loop?Always has been

  24. Y75R says

    blender: this is an open movieme : this is a game pitch

  25. MDSANIMA says

    cool animation here!

  26. MikeThe GameDev says

    Drink coffee is bad for your child

  27. Moonsy says

    I noticed that overtime the girl stepped on peoples heads at the wedding? Was that to show that two beings (her cat, her baby) died each time, and she couldn't change it?

  28. alastar leerdritch says

    That's why I only drink tea

  29. RonaldD9 says


  30. jacob909beat says

    can you guys make an actual movie

  31. The Man vs PC says

    You say Coffee I say covfefe

  32. CHILL & PLAY says

    She lost her baby, then got married, and then buried the baby?

    Strange logic of events …

  33. Blueflame science says

    ya thats why we say the earth is round

  34. John K says

    It's very stylized. No meaning, just fancy backdrops.

  35. Subramanya R says


  36. rfdzn says

    this is so dark and i love it

  37. Archita Bhatnagar says

    I have something seen like this for the first time and I'm completely amazed and fascinated by blender. By the way, the whole thing was super amazing!

  38. Akira ri says

    Some things never change, they may be a little different, but back to the beginning, she still makes the same choice, so no matter how it turns out, she decides her role and just accepts it.

  39. BlueMemeZ says


  40. just some guy says

    blender: makes a movie me: why Did you need to kill a cat and two babies in your head?

  41. CFC Parejas para Cristo says

    This is kinda sad…:( But theres a good message

  42. Shawn Shaju says

    Easy steps to making this:1. Delete the default cube2. Get stuck3. Cry

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