1. Tomokazu Hasegawa says

    Machado De Castro national museum is very interested . criptoportico inside underfloor this museum.

  2. বিনোদন ও খেলাধুলা says

    I am bangladeshi.i want to study in Portugal

  3. Fico Mate says

    I see Portuguese universities have also been taking over by marxism

  4. Carolyn Blankenship says


  5. Alexandre Reis says

    I went with my partner in February and we love it, I’m going in the end of September again



  7. GAUTAM SINGH says

    you are so lucky sir . you got a gift by god

  8. G V Balajee says

    If monetary permits, I would like to travel Europe for my channel

  9. G V Balajee says

    Nice voice Rick, good camera and angels.

  10. Rosa Hill says


  11. Tak Cheng Sze says

    I like portugal

  12. DAVE NICHOLS says

    A fascinating library (and university)!

  13. Enanna Yacoubian says

    No 📱

  14. Amanda C says

    Rick Steves videos are so therapeutic don’t know where I’d be without them and phew what a beautiful university!

  15. Élisson Amboni says

    I am a Brazilian Portuguese speaker and for me they were speaking Russian.

  16. Dozz70 says

    See how the young people share and communicate…so inspiring so comfortable. Here in America we need more of this and not just with the young! Thank You Rick for Sharing!!

  17. GINASTEFAN says

    See you soon Portugal. Next travel visit…nice country Portugal

  18. Lourdes Yanes says

    Gracias Rick me encanto ver la biblioteca . Hermosa

  19. Lothar Schepers says

    Got goosebumps thanks for sharing.

  20. tubularAp says

    Rick Steves is my most favourite travel guide. Ik like his short and long videos. So inspiring. I live in Europe, and am following all of his Europe series. Next year I am off myself … discovering Europe.

  21. Rungsak Thongmuk says

    Great place.👍🏻

  22. jupiter loves you says

    Fantastic as usual👌💚👍👌

  23. Bibek Das says

    love you Portugal 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

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