1. Ingrid Machado says

    como sacar valores do aplicativo

  2. Ignacio Duarte says


  3. Bridgett Powers says


  4. Kristin Graeber says


  5. yuto4201able says


  6. Berlin Uce Halim says

    Xtadw uutjt

  7. jesus Ruiz says


    It good game

  8. ianacole says

    What does the floating ship do?

  9. patricia alhajami says

    I'm so up set I got new update and I loss all my level and coin ,wtf I was in night level ..I'm so disappointed

  10. Martin Hematsiraki says

    Very addicting. Level 93 I will stop at 100

  11. Wapperd says

    This is one of the most addicting games ever!

  12. JanTheNan says

    Love the game but would also like to know what the little ship does when it crosses the screen and the random PUSH button.
    Wish I could get rid of the annoying ads at the bottom of my iPod Touch by paying for the game or something along those lines.

  13. TheKittyvamp says

    I play on my droid..how come it is different than on iphone? No fair

  14. afcomser says

    It isn't that fast and responsive on the Iphone, its slow and slugging, hower very addictive and longer gameplay

  15. Louise Langton says

    hi is there anywhere to see a guide for this game?? it seems pretty random, and i really dont get the button u have to tap repeatedly that pops up sometimes!! Lots of questions!! Love the game though lol

  16. timqqqzxc says

    waiting for update for hTc HERO!

  17. Nubee PTE.LTD says

    Thank you for playing Coin Pirates. We have taken note of your concern
    This issue will be updated in the later version.

  18. kagurayo says

    how come there's no shop button on android? n some of the feature only in iphone? T.T"

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