College Football DYNASTY Gaming Is BACK


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Today, the brand new college football video game is released, Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019 – it has a College Football Dynasty most, with recruiting, gameplay, the college football playoffs & national championship – and more!

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  1. Brian Freeman says

    This game would have literally gone through the market if we can all play online

  2. I hate spaghetti Football News says

    It is pronounced raley

  3. mars jäätelö says

    This > Madden

  4. Keenen Mayfield says

    The unorganized roster is very heart breaking to me more than the fact the controls are dated back in the days of the OG PS & Xbox days.

  5. S3G _CRASH says

    I feel like I should buy the game

  6. Angelo Stanek says

    Mobile is auburn

  7. B-ball Bailey says

    Ray-lee? Lol

  8. jacob Pahl says

    Jerseys look good

  9. Owen 11 says

    Top 100

  10. CynicalApex says

    "The Colours are the real colours"Mobile has Auburn's colours"What the hell is this"

  11. Ron Heverly says

    I had to quit watching. The amount of ads.. my god dude

  12. Austin Reed says

    This guys hurts my liver hearing him talk

  13. Chase Weeks Rugby says

    As who the other mobile team is Springhill maybe lmao

  14. DUNKC1TY says

    Mobile is auburn

  15. Christian Kallio says

    Does this game have a Road to Glory mode?

  16. Noah King says

    Don't use the three person excuse. Use the new game excuse. The first version of this released last year. It was absolute trash. The graphics, gameplay, menu, and other features have all improved more in one year than madden has in the last 5. In three years this game will be giving madden trouble.

  17. Ronald Hill says

    Mobile is Auburn genius

  18. JordyXtra says

    i really enjoy the game but how the fuck do i kick the ball further than 30 yards

  19. Kenny Brown says

    Niggas hating on this game imma get it . Lol 3 niggas made it why not support them y’all idiots can get the game y’all want ??‍♂️?

  20. naruto shipuden says

    Make a series out of this

  21. Anthony Iliakostas says

    This game is TRAAAAAAAASH

  22. TimmyHall20000 says

    Don’t even get me started with the physics in this game

  23. Logan Wells says

    This game is actually lit for what they had to make it and since they don’t have rights they have it where you can customize your team to the real one I like it I would love a series

  24. Ayotolla Of Rock and Rolla says

    They dropped the price to $15.99. Thoughts?

  25. RedBronco1525 elkins says

    Hey under statistics it showed there rankings

  26. Kloaxy says

    Can you customize rosters and make the teams and players real

  27. PLAYBOY RDRM says

    bro the way he said raleigh

  28. James Austin says

    try too hard to be like MMG

  29. Kevin Coward says

    Mobile I think is auburn

  30. Javada Faison says

    RBT: "This logo reminds me of the UGF Pandas."NTE: Starts a UGF series in Maximum FootballILLUMINATI CONFIRMED

  31. Thurgood Jenkins says

    3 minute quarters is why scores are low in simulation

  32. Thurgood Jenkins says

    It had top 25

  33. Thurgood Jenkins says

    Mobile is Auburn

  34. David Yearwood says

    One thing that makes me so happy about this game is the progress from last year imagine how amazing this will be in a year or two.

  35. Davo La Jones says

    Please yall keep posting this so people buy it this year. It can be good next year

  36. Max Kissel says


  37. Nate dogg says

    Rayleigh? Rah..Raleigh…

  38. quelleroyal says

    It’s uva

  39. Derek Warr says

    It's Rah-Lee…NOT Ray-Lee

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