1. MLBson09 says

    that sounds sooo much like arnold when he says "listen to terry"

  2. SuperGodofdarkness says

    Dude I know the guy too and he's amazing but could you delete your comments to respect his privacy and not kind of fired or prevent him from getting future jobs?

  3. Jared Tate says

    yeah lol

    heaps of female bodybuilders r hell short lol

  4. Jared Tate says

    Your right

  5. Randy F. says

    Good carbs!

  6. Jimi Allison says

    When you resort to the ad hominem, you lose the argument.

  7. daleva187goligo says

    More "man up" bullshit smh

  8. AA- Gamer says

    you just proved my point ever so nicely. Some people actually take steroids; believe it or not, hold on to your socks this is gonna be a doozy, because they are PAID to look a certain way. because they are expected to look a certain way for what ever the reason is. For most, it's not for vanity, it's for money. Not to say that is true for all, but for people that are well known such as celebrities if you will, it's for the money. On the other hand if your neighbor takes steroids then yeah vanity

  9. AA- Gamer says

    you misunderstand my friend. They only time steroids is pathetic is one someone taking them claims not to be. I don't think people understand that.

  10. mayena says

    The other blonde haired male bodybuilder is German born Silvio Kersten.

  11. mayena says

    Yes it is Mike O'Hearn.

  12. Gman says

    You're fucking pathetic

  13. TED AVGERIS says

    is ther blond, O'Hearn?

  14. Eric Gray says

    It's that HYPHY MUD!!

  15. JesseWorld1000 says

    kali muscle looks considerably smaller in this commercial

  16. Martin Glennon says

    Mike O'Hearn the man!

  17. kamaster1011 says

    Man up… rofl lol

  18. chaosbolt66 says

    Comcast sucks… big time!

  19. Richard Snyder says

    Why do I think the bleached bond dude wearing the red looks like Ken in Street Fighter?

    And why do I not think that's an accident.

  20. Dell04BQ says

    Why do they mention "Terry" a few times? Who is supposed to be Terry? I'm pretty sure it's not any of the bodybuilders real names. Also why does the one guy sound like he is doing an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation?

  21. dxcaprice88 says

    Comcast sucks I've had them ever since 1999. And every year since their prices have become even more outrageous.

  22. P Cousin says

    Mike O'Hearn!

  23. Jay Bee says

    TIME TO MAN UP!!! lol while he's holdin dudes bewbs! this makes me laugh, EVERYTIME!

  24. achiepalaago says

    Time to man up whimp.

  25. Jazztival Vonrouge says

    The puny guy must be really short becuz Tina Chandler isnt very tall

  26. Laventure Alix says

    good bodybuilding video

  27. takingyourtime says


  28. guglielmo64 says

    Tina is awesome!

  29. Anthony Butler says

    Why does dude in red look like He-Man?

  30. Jimmy Mage says

    I wish I got bullied by strapping female bodybuilders at my gym. Why can't my life be more like TV?

  31. LalainSedona says

    Dude!!! Those are my lash extensions!!! Tina you look GREAT!!! Time to WOman up!!!

  32. Damien Smith says

    I love Tina Chandler

  33. serenedevine says

    Way to go Tina!…too funny!…LMAO!

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