Comic-Con 2019: The Witcher: Henry Cavill On Becoming Geralt (Exclusive)


Comic-Con 2019: Henry Cavill on Becoming Geralt & Everything Witcher (Exclusive)

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  1. The Goddess says

    Henry Cavill is indeed the perfect Geralt…. and hopefully he'll be the next Bond 007 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  2. Barry Bobert says

    To me she doesnt look like yennefer she does sound like yennefer to me though. The actress for Ciri is pretty close to Ciri in my mind, just a bit too old, but I think it's worth it to have an older actress for better acting and she looks good enough in my opinion. I just hope older Ciri (Teen-Adult) is a different actress. Cavill look so good as Geralt, I just don't like that he doesn't have an American accent but it would be hard to get that growl voice in an accent that isn't his so I understand why he doesn't attempt an American growl voice like from Witcher 3. I don't understand why they didn't put in the cat eyes, that is something I was really disappointed about and also I was disappointed with some writing decisions, but over all I liked season 1 and I hope season 2 will be better.

  3. Pranjeet Kaur says

    D way she is ogling at him😕

  4. Isaac Ramsay says

    the best tv show

  5. Reenie2303 says

    Henry was awesome in this interview. Answered questions really well and let’s face it, he is a bit alright 😉 … however, I was hoping that daft interviewer would wipe her chin and ask the girls more questions. Anya is just stunning and Yennefer is such an interesting & amazing character. Freya looked bored. Sorry lady, your drooling was very cringeworthy 😖

  6. Poppa Jacks says

    Do women interviewers know Henry gets uncomfortable when they sexualize him to his face just look at the guy he's clearly uncomfortable

  7. trick351 says

    Nailed the casting!! Watched season 1, 22 times!! Can’t wait for season 2!

  8. Sugar A.S says

    I think Henry paid more attention to the girls while they were talking (even though they hardly talked) than the ACTUAL interviewer 😢

  9. Toastie s says

    When they keep comparing GoT and Witcher but the Books came out long long before GoT was ever being written

  10. Ajax057 AP says

    Comparing Witcher to GoT is what people do that dont know anything about either story. 🤮🤮

  11. Xen Mode says

    Every entertainment/talk show with the actors of The Witcher : SO. NOW THAT GAME OF THRONES IS OVER

    stop. It’s so fucking annoying.

  12. afrikaanswtf re says

    The interviewer omg, please get rid of her

  13. John chan Chan says

    I would like to watch that

  14. Eglan says

    This interviewer is just the MOST annoying!

  15. Nelly Antoine says

    This interview is so….bad! Lady who came up with your questions? And…., It is the way she responds for the actors or try to finish their sentence or….. It is just the sound of her voice, IDK. But, I do understand it hard to sit in front of these actors asking about their lives while trying to sound like you guys have been friends for years, lol. Practice makes perfect!!!!

  16. Adam D says

    What a shitty interview. Feel bad for the actors, the interviewer was annoying.

  17. lyn Lynn says

    Her voice was too loud and it's hurting my ears.. I can't bear a second of listening to that lady ET!!!!

  18. Loya Frostwind says

    Fun interview. The guests should have been mic'd up though. The audio is really low, but the hostess is really loud.
    Also, Witcher is nothing like Game of Thrones. It's cool that casual GoT fans are exposed to some new fantasy though.

  19. dimitrius sergivius says

    why is every one always british?? lol

  20. sasse Brasse says

    The Witcher is a great show!!

  21. Mick says

    Cringe! Super cringe! Awful interview and the interviewer just ignored the actresses and also all the talking over them. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  22. Pip Girl says

    Witcher is so not game of thrones gah stfu and wtf talk to the girls and stop drooling over the man.

  23. salmonflavored says

    They passed over him at first WHAT?!?!?!

  24. Carla Kinsella says

    This woman was a great interviewer. Much better questions than just same old same old.

  25. khalid tofik says

    the show is overrated, the books and the games are legit tho, and dont even compare it with GOT its kinda disrespectful to the fans, if you can don't fucking mention game of thrones, and this interview is cringey asf!

  26. BobbyG says

    Interviewer should find another profession. What a thirsty, unprofessional interview this was.

  27. Serez Asis says

    I raelly like how Henry does not take all the credit for himself but gives credit to the people who helped him through the process.

  28. Fionnuala Thompson says

    Loved the interview and also the interviewer. She was able to mix professionalism with fun. On the one hand she asked about the show and process, but also a bit behind the scenes. I also think that the balance between Henry and Anya and Freya was fine. The bigger star always has more interview time and I could imagine the more their fanbase grows, the more they will be put in the spot light too. The interview felt very natural to me and not too forced and overly serious. It's ET. Not science.

  29. Fionnuala Thompson says

    Sadly some think it is not right that some characters are played by black actors and point out that why would a black person be happy for the role of a non human be played by a black person. My opinion o this: Is it not that when the books were written it may have been more uncommon to write more diversity characters into films, stories or games. But these days it should be okay to mix all kinds of people with different backgrounds into film roles. I am mixed, so I am white and black and normally do not call out racist quickly, but that is just a racist mindset. And why would a black person NOT be happy to see a non human played by a black person. In fantasy it makes even more sense to dive into to possibilities of diversity. Be a bit more flexible maybe and open minded. Of course as a hispanic, black or asian person, you would love to see yourself represented. It is nice to be able to ALSO be able to identify with characters in shows. Stop taking the possibilities of such away from people who have not been well represented in decades of movie making. So very selfish and inconsiderate. Shift the mind a bit and adapt.

  30. StrayKittyCat says

    Shes the worse interviewer.

  31. Craig 75 says

    Game of Thrones may be in the same genre but they're two completely different shows. It's like comparing two spy movies just because they're the same genre. Stop with the comparison.

  32. Candy Rush AscendedPhoenix8 says


  33. M79 says

    Affect Henry Cavill has on women — Interviewer = Exhibit A 🤣 She was horrible, complete tunnel vision for Henry only and the poor ladies were basically just side props.

  34. Dominic Do says

    God this interviewer is so annoying and can they get better mics. You can hear all the background noises and it's so much echo.

  35. André Arruda says

    I imagine how henry must feel lmao, the interviewer almost wanted to say "How can you tell you are in best shape.. "please take of your shirt, lmao

  36. Siria Mendez says

    ACTRESS: I haven’t watch got, so I can’t say, but this is clearly different….
    ME: yes, totally different, got was way better and I can say cause I watched both

  37. Yellow Fellow says

    Henry Cavill lifted this average show on his shoulders when he killed that first monster in the first shot, and proceeded to carry it all the way to the finish line like an absolute boss.

  38. Maria Luisa Dedic says

    I have no netflix …I watched only fragments but enought to look if an actor or actress have talent to stay away of her/his true mood… too many debutants maybe from montreal cinesite ex colleagues vfx and ex mpc good placed as figurants and actoral bullshi* because no papers to work in canada….by chance it was bulgary and hungary….so cheap talent

  39. Hope Johnson says

    I so want to cosplay Geralt.

  40. alex4ndro7 says

    once more
    , let's hear epic Geralt hmm 1:18

  41. Albin K.K. says

    That man is WAaaaayy too handsome to be Witcher… Btw the interviewer sucks a big one.

  42. Gladiator 77 says

    Thumbs Up whoever started playing "The Witcher" game after watching the film.

  43. fifi msp says

    I think the blond one really did a great job of answering the woman's GOT question. Nice way of saying, "so you can shut the fuck up about it now." LOL

  44. Cheyenne Eagles says

    It’s not a fill in for GOT the Witcher has many gamer fans unlike GOT Witcher has been around for years and years and as one who has played all 3 games but not read the books and not been one for GOT but I 100% love Witcher xxxx

  45. Todoroki Is A Beast! says

    Damn the interviewer be thirsty AF 😂
    She be like 🥵

  46. Zlai zee says

    talk to Freya, equally as you do the others. this is rude

  47. Sanyka Mallick says

    9:45 that eyebrow tho lol <3

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