1. Jeff L says

    Bro what does this have to do with forensic examining

  2. Robert Green says

    Whats the importance of boot system when it comes to multiple storage devices

  3. Nguyên Anh Lâm says

    my little brother said: "this video is so bad"But i'm not

  4. Noxmiles says

    Booty error

  5. Noxmiles says

    The boob process

  6. Gaus Chaudhary says

    Good information

  7. SanjeevSir-HFS says

    good animation to show post . thank you….. Can I use to show my students….

  8. peroh says


  9. Aidan Crosbie says

    Ya that is not how a pc looks

  10. Blocky Tardis93 says


  11. Toby Elliott says

    I didn't like it

  12. Milo Banks says

    They didn't cover UEFI )-:

  13. Tech101 says

    Computer shown is inaccurate. The motherboard isn't a bunch of expansion cards not connected to anything.

  14. Aman Kumar says

    DOS booting procedure In just 4 minutehttps://youtu.be/nyESZTbiYNA

  15. Arya Stark says

    Thank you, my grade 4 students will now have an idea what am I talking about

  16. Ajit Gawade says

    well…this is shit……this is not even for begginer…

  17. Cylia Margatroid says

    That helps.

  18. Bossin Shid 3x says

    Where is this animation from? what course?

  19. Virtuos says

    This computer is messed up inside. It does not look like ATX standard…

  20. Intellectualize says


  21. Momin Khan says

    The video ends in 157 seconds and my pc can be turn on 10 times in these 157 seconds

  22. Rekha Nagar says

    Window 7 ultimate me quick heal boot time scanner ko kaise hataye hindi

  23. BenTentacionVEVO says

    this meme is filth

  24. Suresh Yellapu says

    Telugu pancangum book please open

  25. Good guy 24 says


  26. Ayesha 2503 says


  27. D2RG6 says


  28. Juan Diaz says


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