Computer Bug


The praying mantis is real, but it is hungry enough to try to catch and eat the cursor. He had been in the house for four days – prowling for insects around the ceilings.
The sound effects accidently supplied by the dog next-door (no – mantises don’t bark).
The screen background is by the Bureau of Meterology.
The mantis was patient enough that we were able to set up lighting – as long as we kept moving the mouse.
(Notice how he keeps one foot on the top of the screen. Earlier he had tried to come down further, but skidded on the surface, and from then was more cautious).
No insects, cursors or mice were harmed in the making of this movie. The mantis was returned to the wild.

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  1. ChicketyChyna says


  2. rodney rowe says

    What Bug is that?

  3. The normal guy says


  4. Room Tempature Water says

    De"bug" that computer right now!

  5. Naney Chevelu says


  6. skatesscience101 says

    That's cool. Plus I am getting one in the mail anytime now…..

  7. J'veux des POOTIS says


  8. Confrontador A1 says

    vamos mantis, yo se que tu puedes!

  9. Angry Tomato says


  10. Angry Tomato says

    why was i so amused by this O_o

  11. Jaynold abelgas says

    oh fuck , that mantis is barking like a dog !

  12. usagi otaku says

    you should summit this video to america's funniest home videos.

  13. caffeineadvocate says

    …and then, he closed his laptop.

  14. jack anderson says

    It sees the Mac and knows its job

  15. ctw says

    haha, how cute!

  16. mollycrownmolly says

    That is probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen! I love mantises! But the poor thing must've been so hungry 🙁

  17. Jaxterpeace says

    I got the same bug man, too much porn right.

  18. Maria Isabel Rios says

    is dat a mantis ? O.o

  19. Jack Frost says

    lol if I seen that on my screen I would freak out

  20. lalalandd123 says


  21. TDLProductionsUK says

    @lalalandd123 what are they then moron? lol

  22. ILoveMichael Jackson says

    @rodnmaria I'm a bit late seeing your reply but thank you for your advise. I ended up getting the mantis outside by putting a container over it because it was trying frantically to run away from me when I got close to it.

  23. ILoveMichael Jackson says

    @demjp8RqDA That mantis was in my house 8 months ago as you can tell by the date on my last comment but I managed to get the mantis outside so it was all good for him in the end 🙂 he freaked out when I went near him so I had to put a container over him and take it outside. I put him on a tree trunk and he seemed happy enough 🙂 They are beautiful insects.

  24. Smilence says

    the stupid dog barking at background drives me crazy….

  25. ムラカミ says

    so cute…

  26. ShadowWolfGaming says

    Ha ha I like it

  27. Brittany says

    omg it's barking…. LOL

  28. spazitude80 says

    That is funnier than watching a kitty chase a laser pointer haha

  29. Popel348 says

    i didn't know that praying mantis can bark…

  30. Azil Ahmad says

    HEY ! There is a bug in the system -_-

  31. JDilla2812 says

    Its so mindless

  32. nipzilla says

    that mantis is running on Windows OS.
    that's why that Mac is laughing its ass off.
        

  33. Nick Christensen says

    i friggin hate cursors too!

  34. Alfabiszetta says


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