Computer Case Airflow – What is Positive and Negative Pressure?


Ever wonder what positive and negative air pressure in your case means? Well, Anthony and Jack came up with a way to show you exactly what happens inside.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Jack Sui (@NCIXJack), Anthony Chow (@Thegreatchow)
Writer: Jack Sui, Anthony Chow
Editor: Kalvin Shum (@NCIXAce)

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  1. Josh Jyreh Taccad says

    now i just confuse after watching this, my question is what is the best air flow to counter the heat inside of the case

  2. FS- BLUR says

    gc 601

  3. Vivian Valdi says

    Never seen such a busy, fuming PC. Workstation addict ?

  4. Phant0m_AA says

    f i x t h e f u c k i n g r a m

  5. Simon Hill says

    What about side exhausts down beside the GPU's? Are these useful? I use mine as an exhaust and works a charm in pulling very hot air out…

  6. Jerik Mercado says

    Is it possible that your gpu will glitch because of the bad fan air flow? because when playing games ang my gpu heats it glitches

  7. Xander Ford Official says

    you look like jerry from the walking dead

  8. Rudy_Dstroys says

    I still have the 760T, I love this case, I dont know when I will retire it lol

  9. chun hei cheng says

    is 90cfm considered high airflow?

  10. Dc SQOUDG3MER says

    What if you have 3 intake fans in front and a rear exhaust fan and an aio watercooler on top./ it is 2x120mm

  11. scott hochhauser says

    I have a corsair 100 r mid case and it.only comes in the.back and a.mesh on top of the case. If.I am not gaming do.i need to add a fan up front?

  12. J. Lietka says

    So case top fans should draw air in, or blow it out? Thanks ?

  13. Kingy says

    I have a front mounted aio radiator with 2 push and pull fans on it and 3 exit fans. Would it be positive or does the radiator make it negative

  14. Suvo Bairagi says

    Corsair crystal 570x!

  15. Doc Canoro says

    Didn't have a really clear idea of the airflow, I thought sucking the air out was enough, now I know I need to guide the air thru the case.

  16. Alex Robinson says

    Im trying a new rgb build with the view 71 i put my aio mounted on the side push pull inside the case 2 120s pulling in on the bottom 2 140s pulling from front 1 140 exhausted back and 3 140s exhausting on top. Any suggestions?

  17. RyzenLevels says

    0:00 I thought that was Bitwit ?

  18. Mateo Ceballos Querol says

    Hi. I recently bought my first PC and it's great. I've got 6 fans (3 intakes and 3 exhausts) temperature wise it's good but theres some dust staring to build up. Should I change my top 2 fans to intake to have 5 intake and 1 exhaust?

  19. Jacobi Leoo says

    what about no flow 🙂

  20. NanoMan_Gaming says

    uhhh don't do this people fog is evaporated water and that's not good going through your PC,

  21. Ragalthor says

    I would like to see the XPG Invader case put onto the test.

  22. galactuslives says

    You removed the PCI expansion brackets/blockers why did you do that? most people would leave those on.

  23. Theo Ell says

    I have the same case. What's the use of the white top cover?When I put it make more noise

  24. Anything Life says

    2016 "Wow that RAM is flashing"2020 "Need MoRe RgB!!"

  25. Jellona says

    What if I have 3 intakes and 3 outs?

  26. KDS Murugesa says

    My long tearm doubt now cleared ❤️❤️❤️

  27. babul hossain says

    Xtream v3 plzzzzzzz

  28. Evil Koala says

    Everyone knows that taking off the side panel is the best solution

  29. Keist Zenon says

    Now i know my fan was facing the wrong direction, thanks! ?

  30. Mateo Ceballos Querol says

    if i have 3 fans in the front as intakes, one in the back and one in the top is that bad?

  31. BaconGun321 says

    so if i have two on the top which is my radiator and one at the rear but none at the front would that work

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