Computer Color is Broken


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  1. hing Navy says

    R = 255G = 255B = 255yeah

  2. GD Player says


  3. mienzillaz says

    I miss old topics of minute physics

  4. robinsfr says

    More accurate title: "Many Programs Interpolate Color in Nonlinear Space". That's why you use linear space for 3D scene rendering + lighting computations, blurring, and gradients, and the sooner programs adopt HDR formats like {JPEG XR, OpenEXR, RGBE}, the sooner we avoid this problem.

  5. Home brewed coffee says

    Secretly the contrast mountain is still in the background but we cant see it

  6. Kilian Muster says

    The easiest way to circumvent this is to switch the colour space of your image to either LAB/16 or RGB/32 (HDR)

  7. Ashlea Patterson says

    22 percent is not 1 fifth

  8. phorzer32 says

    OK. It is like I thought. The most programmers are absolute idiots!

  9. Vegan Life says

    LOL he just called apple garbage100% true lol

  10. Cam Adams says

    This just shows lazy implementation. Processing data correctly should be an expectation, not a bonus

  11. Falling Sky says

    Where does "gross" come from

  12. anonymous Crabz says

    1 isn't max. 255 is

  13. Polydemic says

    Wait you guys use colored computers?

  14. Michał Marzec says

    It's all about the pe…Performance. You perverts

  15. つばき says

    with HDR getting popular I do hope we could ditch gamma soon

  16. Pocket Fluff Productions says

    Your suggestion of "square the numbers before averaging and then take the square roots" isn't going to be ideal either, though, because it's going give us results closer to the "real world" light scale than the logarithmic perception-based one. Average black and white and now you have (180, 180, 180). Your blurred color image looks good, but if you used this to blur a black-and-white one—or worse, for something like layer compositing or antialiasing—it's going to skew too bright, isn't it?

  17. Victory The jammer says

    Share this with Adobe. Make it normal.

  18. Luong Kyanh says

    *Computer blurring is broken

  19. Kieran Borovac says

    I don't understand how storing the square root saves space. Surely it requires more space to store the precision of an irrational number than an integer?

  20. Dr. Bassam Alfarhani says

    is it just me or did the subtitles say "Yuk!" when the narrator said "Gross"

  21. DJMoffinz says

    Yeah but how do you fix it on an iPad, for example?

  22. Holden Leeb says

    Gross sludge is the default, Beauty can be bought for $7.99 a month

  23. LeviTheEntity says


  24. the red gal says

    Um actually it's colour

  25. Kaiser Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany says

    why did I real the title as “broken color is computer”

  26. Cameron Gray says

    Very good video, clear explanation and super helpful and interesting

  27. Dmitry Bolsoni says

    First video of yours Ꮖ watched, and Ꮖ alread subbed.

  28. Zack Yona says

    These drawings remind me of What If and xkcd, by Randall Monroe

  29. eseopu says


  30. Resurrected Helicoprion says

    im that person arguing with you about the dunk and when it lived

  31. Poop Head says

    my brain hurts

  32. Akshit Singh says

    oh god… I should've checked the channel name!

  33. Tom White says

  34. sdjhgfkshf swdfhskljh says

    I guess the problem is that to use "good" algorithm, you need to know exactly what gamma was used for your image. If you make mistake, result will be still wrong.

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