Computer Ergonomics as Fast As Possible


Sitting at a computer all day can lead to all sorts of health problems! Taran explains different ergonomic and behavior solutions.

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  1. D says

    good stuff

  2. Cade F says

    Came here from the BaM video and hot damn you just brokey brain. I've been wanting to buy a new desk that's higher but???? I could literally just buy some bricks and/or wood boards and raise it up myself goddamn. So much more affordable. Now I just need a better chair. ??? Which I see you have done videos on

  3. Geth Wuh says

    If only I’d had this video before I got RSI last night

  4. Kathdath says

    what happened to the RSI video? Say video is private

  5. dbz boy64 says


  6. Waqas Raja says

    Hello, your Repetitive Strain Injury video is private can you please make it public so we call can view and possibly benefit from it. thank you

  7. swagglestuffs says

    i once got rsi and it fucking hurts like hell

  8. AnAngryGiant20 says

    cellphones have been failing this for the past 5 years

  9. Japhet Anciado says

    I use my laptop on bed more than sometimes 10 hrs per day.My laptop is on a table, leaning on a wall, inclined using my wallet to put it under to prevent my laptop from slipping. With this setup, i dont have back problems no more because my back is 90 degress

  10. Tennis Files says

    Pun game strong 🙂

  11. Drunk Spock says

    Thanks for the video. I thought I had mouse shoulder or tendonitis, but there is no pain in the neck, shoulder and back and my hands and wrists don't hurt that much. Just pain in my upper arms on the inner bicep close to the armpit. The pain is dull, makes my arms stiff, and won't go away except when lying down in a chair to sleep or resting my arms – I think it is from using the keyboard and mouse for many hours, but I cannot find any information on similar injuries and symptoms. Any idea what it could be or how to treat it?

  12. Brainy Human says

    Who's he why isn't Linus in the video

  13. Aaryan Varshney says

    You need to make sure that you don't have any marriage problems, more on that in this video over here.

  14. hokiturmix says

    Left handed mouse?

  15. pleappleappleap says

    Programmers don't work well on split ergonomic keyboards. When you're writing code full speed, sometimes your hands cross completely over each other.

  16. Natasha Ott says

    I can't find your RSI video! :'(

  17. The Clean Gamer says

    Make a how to make a “as fast as possible” video as fast as possible

  18. The Clean Gamer says

    5:26 lol I was just thinking “I wonder if there’s a program that would remind me to get up every 15 minutes” and then he said there was

  19. raccoon1201cy says

    Best Chair @t

  20. Mike Anderson says

    Why is the Repetitive Strain Injury video private?

  21. Federico Zambelli says

    PSA regarding keyboards: I bought a Microsoft Sculpt (it's the mode after the one shown in the video) because I was developing RSI and I must say it''s really helping, my hands hurt a lot less after a full day of writing code. It also comes by default with an ergonomic mouse which is actually quite comfortable.

  22. Normal Minecraft Lets Play says

    lol school desk are so high just for like 6ft ppl or 4ft ppl idk why and also It hurts typing please this is suffering hands hurt laptop oily how can i convince

  23. Samdaboss says

    What about ergonomic mice?

  24. Veronica Rosy says

    1:29 to 1: 30 ……….HAAAAAAAAAAAA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!! My new desk top image!

  25. Leah96xxx says

    My college (advanced IT course) should watch this video, especially 5:00 – 5:22. We're stuck in class at a cramped desk (10+ machines crammed onto a bench) for 2 hours straight almost every lesson and it's an absolute killer on both eyes and body. It's just a good job that we have to leave our water bottles next to the door so I can just get up for a drink every 15 mins or so.

  26. AJ MARR says

    Ergonomics: branch of economics designed to comfortably fit your incorrect beliefs. For example, gas prices are high, ergo it’s because of evil oil companies, or I am fat and stupid, ergo it is because I didn’t listen to Dr. Phil.from Dr. Mezmer’s World of Bad Psychology, found on an internet near you!

  27. megakiller999 says

    What happened to the RSI video? It was made private.

  28. Amirhossein Mohammadi says


  29. Abdulaziz Salam says

    Good old days when Taran hosted videos. Missed those days.

  30. SRTech says

    Taran is an excellent host!!! #MoreTaran

  31. big nonce says

    Is that Mr Clarke from stranger things?

  32. Saksham Goyal says

    Macro God is here

  33. Gilbert Busuttil says

    O wait nevermind

  34. Gilbert Busuttil says

    Guys isn't it Lias not Linus lmao

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