1. UKI KANG says


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  3. IPlayGames says

    Where's the PDF of the tutorial??

  4. Andrew Godwin says

    Lol! I never knew the radio signal is a physical medium.

  5. 54 S.E Extc-b Vamshi Vemula says

    Can i use 4 wire (2 pair) ethernet wire to connect gigabit router from isp for 20 mbps plan?

  6. M says

    Awesome tutorial but I have a question, he mentioned around 1:18:13 that network adapters convert bits to signals then transport it to WAP, however in 1:19:54, he mentions that WAP convert bits to signals, why would WAP need to convert bits to signals when data is already converted to signals before sending to WAP from the device? Wouldn't WAP rather convert signals to bits and then send to another device?

  7. Group Reclutamiento says

    When I started watching this video and I heard you can ping it I was like how can I can ping that on terminal? And then later on I realized that he meant look X term up on Bing the search engine and that makes sense because its a Microsoft product but then I realized that everytime he says it he laughs and I'm sure its because he feel like saying google it and later finally at 1:41:55 he actually says is you can "google it or Bing it" hahaha. Like seriously who uses Bing?



  9. Samer Joudeh says

    would please give us the chapter 🙂

  10. shyam sunder says

    Colin,you could have included about modem briefly

  11. Kjetil Selland says

    What an informative channel and I am so glad to be stumbelling upon this, Just NOT my day today. BUT I qoute- " Will be BACK" soon….Need some SERIOUS Caffein fueled CAN's to wake me up. lastly like to state that this is actually a free class made available for everyone for free!. Thank's to all of you who take the time out of your day to make it so OPEN for the one's who do not have the fund's to go to school and study….N:B YES I Need to change my cheacky picture soooon.. PEACE!

  12. ExPresident says

    just a minor correction. Routers doesn't connect you to the internet, Modems do. this is a tutorial for newbies, they might get the impression that routers have the capability to convert digital signals to analogs, they don't. Routers with Modem integrated to it does this job.

  13. JAE says

    Thank you Cullen. Great video.

  14. Ali Ahmadi says

    Hi there . Can anyone help me on a packet tracer scenario . I dont know how to configute it . Thanks

  15. Sphosethu Mnqayi Amtha Mnqayi says

    Great stuff!

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    I cant stop myself from commenting the guy is so cute……………..And the thx for the wonderful content.!salud!

  18. jada roopakumar says

    Hi sir, thanks for your tutorial. its very useful for me. And i am waiting for next tutorial (contenive)

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    We can't thanku enough sir. This video is very informative and really teaches me about networking. Keep doing this noble job of educating the world. God bless u man

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