Computer Science Vs Software Engineering | How to Pick the Right Major


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The differences in computer science and software engineering can sometimes come down to what university you go to. In terms of their definition computer science is more math and theory based, while software engineering is more applied. However, in university most students in these 2 majors will learn about 90% of the same information, it really comes down to subtle differences. The good news though is that regardless of what major you pick, it won’t drastically affect your future job outlook.

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  1. UNKNOWN says

    Onnum puriyala

  2. paul barton says

    I think a big problem with these debates is that many people underestimate the drastic differences in how universities separate departments. SE at one school might be a track in a CS department. Or it might be in a college of engineering or something, with pure CS being somewhere else. They might have overlapping classes. Similar to how in some schools operations research is considered part of CS, in others its in the Math dept, at others its with industrial engineering or something.

  3. Ruth Kumelachew says

    But which one is profitable ..?..well actually am 11th grade. ..i have no idea what to choose in collage ohh plss help

  4. Alex says

    There is basically little difference. Take away a few theory classes from CS and add a few more hardcore programming classes. You will still have the hardcore math in a Software Engineering degree. Physics 1, 2, Calculus 1, 2, and Discrete Math. Basically the same math curriculum as a CS degree.

  5. Whitestar says

    as someone who is about to graduate with a B.S. in Computer Science .. Software Engineering is just a baby field within Computer Science in my opinion there are far superior fields to get into than Software Engineering … like Security ,Machine Learning or Data Science …

  6. Ryan Haynes says

    Do these careers have anything to do with robotics?

  7. Daddy Debt a part of the ASH Management Group says

    Wow I made that same video!

  8. r1Mas says

    I think software engineering should be a specialization, not a undergrad. Firstly, Most companies have their way of developing software, so what matters is experience, not much what you learn reading a book (in regards to software development).Second, in SE you take classes that are useless in IT jobs, like chemistry and physics for engineers, but those classes are the one that give you the engineer status lol. A proof that you may learn software development processes without needing an SE degree is that there lots of self taugjt coders that work as sofrware engineers that complain only about not having CS knowledge and how it makes them have a harder time on their jobs, but ive never seen a self taught coder or someone with a CS degree complaining that they dont understand software development processes. And last, saying a SE is more complete than a CS grad, is like saying taking a Medical specialization without going through a normal medical grad is" better" as it focuses more in practical stuff. Doesnt make much sense. SE will give you the engineer status but beyond the fact that it literally makes you practice more coding and that, i see no advantage in taking it over CS. Plus, you can practice coding by yourself on CS, but as that takes the responsiblity factor into consideration, ppl are usually afraid of that lol.

  9. African Mamba says

    can you take both of them at the same time

  10. Luiz Henrique Morais Mazzucco says

    This video is for me, wow thanks kl

  11. McFlex says

    Computer scientists – <|> theoreticalSoftware engineers – practical

  12. Baen Secrets says

    Can you become a computer forensic science with a BA or BS in CS?

  13. Sister Aang says

    Wait so GUI is actually pronounced "gooey"?!?!?

  14. Ahmed Zia says

    So if you have comp science major can you work as a software engineer??

  15. SevenDeMagnus says

    What's the difference between I.T. and MIM and these two?

  16. SevenDeMagnus says

    Computer Science is the Master Race:-) (covers it all but not specialized it's like the pure science, physics).

  17. Scary Gamer says

    Both are so similar mannn!!

  18. Lily Twelftree says

    great video! helped a lot. super thorough

  19. Sipo Charles says

    Great video! My current degree is in Computer Science with Software Engineering (SE). The only difference between it and pure Computer Science (CS) degree is CS has two modules which focus more on machine learning. In contrast, SE focuses on application development, but other than that, barely any difference. I prefer practical over theory.

  20. Joshua Uys says

    This video answered so many of my questions, thank you!

  21. TechConversations says

    I love your channel so much! I have taken a lot of your advice. I just created a youtube channel to inform people about software engineering! I would love some support/feedback, so please hit subscribe and check it out please. Thanks.

  22. VoteForLennox says

    Thank you Zach, for sharing your knowledge and research in an open direct way. It is, much appreciated!

  23. Ambient Light Of Darknesss says

    I didn't even know software engineering was a thing.

  24. Old Wes says

    there's no difference.

  25. PopalChannel says

    I recently got an offer for Software Engineering. I was so confused whether should I wait for CS offer or go on with SE, but then I found your video and it made it so clear for me what to choose . Thanks for the help.Love this channel ❤

  26. SuperPatriot777 says

    It don't make any difference anyway…..the only job you'll get is in retail or food service

  27. Albert Zhang says

    Thanks so much for the great videos! they r so awesome

  28. Actual Scientist says

    Just because the majors are almost identical doesn't mean each field is almost identical.

  29. Mailson Wei says

    7:44 is user centred design? Because it feel so weird for computer science student to take

  30. Mysterious world says

    I love to work with robots and hardware things but i cant study about those because im studying ict+com.math+physics for my advance levels, if i want to get approved for computer engineering , i have to do chemistry + com.math+ physics for advance levels, but i dont like chemistry , soo sad ?

  31. Good DeedsLeadTo says

    which education system is less stressful , semester or quarterly? which one is suitable for computer science degree?

  32. MIthilesh Singh says


  33. Matthew Hutchinson says

    6:26 that’s interesting because AP Computer Science covers that to some extent. Btw I think the instance variables are supposed to be declared as private.

  34. Matthew Hutchinson says

    physics and math vs engineering is like computer science vs software engineering

  35. julius tolentino says

    I didnt make software engineering in HS so I moved to comsci, can I still become a software engineer?

  36. Ibrahim Sabieh says

    For your associates degree would it be a science degree for both

  37. DoGBroS INC says

    If I learn ai will I get the knowledge about Deep learning and machine learning..? Can I make the device like Alexa,Google home, self driving car,translation technology.etc? also I want to learn both hardware of iot..what should I learn..? Can I learn mechanical engineering major in robotics,electrical car and aerospace engineering.?? If I learn ai could I able to defeat gamers in game.? Life changing device? I want to establish technology company,robotics company,aerospace company and electrical vehicles company

  38. Noor Algharib says

    hi, can you do a video about management information system major

  39. Nicholas Eli says

    Should be noted, you do not need to go to school to be a software engineer

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