1. johny barber says

    This is very helpfull

  2. mohd sarwar says

    Show more in ms office plz

  3. Gobind Kumar Mandal says

    U r very good teacher man I like u

  4. karunakerrao rao says

    Best for beginners. I learned lot with from here. Thank you so much Refugee Career Hub.

  5. Mazhar Abbas says

    Thnx teacher

  6. Muwanguzi Hilder says

    This teacher is so adorable

  7. Kamilat Kamilat hassen says


  8. Muhammad haris says

    This is really great platform to learn initial base concepts and with your explanation thanks mam.

  9. Ronalyn Canuto says

    Very helpful.Thanks Madam..

  10. Hellen Kibwika says

    Thanks madame…am your student already…now am promoting myself to p.4 but has no sound….

  11. Kidungwe shaaban says

    God help you for train us

  12. guttala vijaykumar says

    Thanks mam

  13. ፈቃር ኩኒ ከማይ says

    Thanks more teacher❤?❤?i'm Refugee Eritrea Before I did not know a computer Now i know i'm learning with You Thanks more again which this country? Ntergoamay kea btaemi eye zemesgno bflay tenbba ente halika eza xihifti msganay ybxahaka!!! Camera gn kurub thit tbl nera ab gele kfalat

  14. Sahra Abdi says

    This is helpful thanks teacher ??

  15. Opal 1115 says

    I like the way you teach very imformative and easy to understand thnx to you dear teacher really useful to those who do not know on how to use the computer, waving here from Philippines…??

  16. Fatou Sowe says

    Very very good

  17. Milo Kaklary says

    Very good .we need such a teacher in our society.Thank you.

  18. madhu Jallu says

    Nice mam

  19. blessing oluchukwu says

    you are the best.. love you ?

  20. sourov sk says

    Thanks for the good work I am watching all your videos and taking some ideas from the computer

  21. siphokazi manqola says

    Thank you how to follow you

  22. Meenu Kulkarni says

    I am new, unable to open windows

  23. Meenu Kulkarni says

    What is Reboot Device?

  24. Jane Miss says

    Buti pa aq alam ko sagutin c maam

  25. Nandigam Krishnaveni says

    So nice sister

  26. Manju Rakkasagi says

    Super job

  27. Duran Ghing says

    thanks alot… it helps me to known about computer watching from Philippines ???Ma'am godbless

  28. Charles Kiragu says

    thanks teacher alot

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