Computer Vocabulary (beginners – Nouns/ESL/EFL learners)


A video that covers some of the very basic, initial ICT vocabulary (nouns). The video was produced for English as Second (ESL) or Foreign Language (EFL) Speakers who have a zero or foundation level of literacy (ICT and ABC).

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  1. Raul 610 says


  2. Brian Boyd says

    Great! I'll use this with my 'Kids Green' class later today. We're doing technology vocabulary. I can see a lot of work's gone into this video, so thanks!

  3. Hazel Owen says

    Salem 🙂 And thank you for your suggestion. When I re-make the video I will definitely include 'Salam'.

  4. From Azerbaijan says

    0.21 there are greetings in different languages.And i want to add one else Salam-it's saying hello in Azeri.

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