Conan Exiles on PS4! Live game play


Hi there!

My name is Shanda and I’m obsessed with streaming! I have been streaming since 2013 and it’s all that’s been on my mind since.

January 1st, 2016 I moved from Twitch to YouTube Gaming and I couldn’t be happier.
Here on YouTube, we have built up an incredible community (Teamb3ar) full of fantastic b3ars.

My favorite style of games are FPS, Indie, and anything with gorgeous visuals.

I mainly stream PS4 games, moving into PC gaming as well.

A little about me:

♥ I’m 26 years old.
♥ I’m native amercian (not asian xD)
♥ I’m engaged to PTB
♥ I moved from Canada to the USA when I was 19 and I’m loving it.
♥ I have a cat (Booders) and a dog (Arlo).

Some links:
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♥ Instagram:
♥ Snapchat: Shandab3ar

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  1. therooster333 says

    Why do I lose my shit when I die? I'm playing offline at easy setting. Plus I'm losing my markers for my safe houses. Can you tell these developers to fix please thanks and great video btw

  2. Jameso 2004 says

    Can you make more live streams on this please

  3. Luis Rodas says

    love this game! hello!

  4. LowlyGrinder says

    They surrendered, but then Aardvark was just an asshole to them and wouldn't stop, I'm not agreeing with what the admin did, but Aardvark should take his share of the blame too.

  5. FrighteningFPS says

    i love this game!! the community is diverse with people of all race/gender i also love the style of the game, has a little bit of rust and ark to it but with its own little style!! keep doing more videos like this one!!

  6. Joe Unale says

    This game is awesome I just got it the other day. Your videos are good to guide to learn of the game thank you

  7. Justin Langtein says

    Can you tell me how to craft those torches? Cant see anything at night

  8. AWESOME o/ …

  9. Watcher Gamers says

    is this pvp server?

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