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Android has the Widget, Windows the Live Tile and now iOS the Block. Simply pinch an icon bigger to reveal more information and release to leave it. If you like iOS the way it is, nothing changes. If you want a little more, it’s all there.

Here’s a video explaining the iOS Block

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  1. Storm says

    Now is real…

  2. Ricardo says

    And I oop

  3. Mo says

    I know we have this feature now but this is still better because of the quick controls and an iMessage widget, which we still don’t have.

  4. Alex Flores says

    When this video came out i wanted this feature so badly and now we finally have something similar

  5. Rover120 says

    A good part of this concept has finally been realized with iOS 14.

  6. Sam Friedman says

    Tim Cook: write that down! write that down!

  7. Osnola Talar says

    apple better give you that money bro

  8. Abin José Abraham says

    omg, i saw the new ios unveil and immediately thought about this video from 6 years ago

  9. einerus says

    Took them few years to adapt that.

  10. JR Pamiloza says

    Looking back at this Video after the iOS 14 was announced.. ?

  11. Ben Tarr says

    "Simple, simplified" sounds more Apple.

  12. sergio garcia says

    Took quite some time, but iOS 14 is eerily resembling this ??????

  13. namedoesn'tmatter says

    Finally, after 6 years Apple has made almost the same types of widgets

  14. Edmond Ng says

    omg 6 years later. iOS 14 finally implemented this concept. Been waiting so long for this.

  15. Phoenix Gude says

    We might be getting something similar to this in ios 14

  16. Elvin Jr. Torres says

    2020 iPhone 11 Pro Max ??

  17. Patrick TAYLOR says

    Or just quit wasting your money on Apple crap and get an Android that already does this and more.

  18. Junshu Liu says

    Now it's somehow true (iOS 10+). You can use 3D Touch gestures to do this – press harder on these icons to activate widgets that can show more information. You can't add those widgets on the home screen, but you can add those in the widgets screen.

  19. panatha tube says

    It's really sad that Android and especially iOS still haven't adopted such features… It makes the current UI of both platforms feel primitive! I think Microsoft was experimenting with something similar to take live tiles to the next level called explosive tiles, but it died together with Windows Mobile… For this to be perfected, needs one handed gesture to open the block (as written to a previous comment) and live tile like icons, because in the video shown, the icons/ blocks seem conventional, useless and lifeless if you don't open them. As for me i had to resort to Launcher 10 and lots of widgets do bring again to my Android phone a Windows Mobile feeling.

  20. Justin Salvato says

    I'm late to this, but this is good stuff. However, I see in other comments you argue with people about how much influence Microsoft's Live Tiles have on this. This is clearly and most directly inspired by Live Tiles. Why argue about widgets? Live Tiles are basically widgets so why try to push back on the Live Tile inspiration? Also, you mention the difference is you interact with this icons… not once did I see you do that. However, in this video, which came out about 1.5 months before yours, these guys were truly interacting with the Live Tiles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEkIbUWzkLU Regardless, if this functionality which you demonstrated ever came to iOS, I'd jump to this platform in a hurry.

  21. Yusuf Berk Çekiç says

    It looks like windows phone

  22. VexWard says

    What if the action was a swipe up or down on the icon instead of a pinch? I think that would be much easier for the user.

  23. ButterPotato on a stick says


  24. jobe1105 says

    Creatix just released Curago in Cydia. It's a Public Beta tho so proceed with caution.

  25. Isabella says

    Happy to see Madeon in the music app.

  26. Rodrigo de Lorenzo says

    Linus is that you?

  27. Boran Balun says

    That's really brilliant

  28. BlessedBully says

    I'm not a jailbreak person, but if this was included, I would definitely download it.

  29. Ahmad Sohail Wahab says

    Cool! How about another concept of pulling iOS dock to get in the app switcher and Control Center.

  30. Руслан says

    3D Touch?

  31. catherine gagne says

    Sa marche pas jay

  32. jacooby ramos says

    Why is this not a jailbreak tweak?

  33. Alexis Nogueira Da Costa says

    Where have you find the wallpaper at 0:20

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