Cooking Crispy 20Kg Damlong Fish (Sea Fish) Tempura Dish Powder – Deep Fried Recipe for Donation


Cooking Crispy 20Kg Damlong Fish (Sea Fish) Tempura Dish Powder – Deep Fried Recipe for Donation

Hello all friends! Today I bought 20 Kg of sea fish from the market to make a deep-fried crispy with tempura dish powder. I cooked for eating & sharing with my neighbors.

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  1. Chetna Yin says

    Awesome! Cooking and sharing. Life is good!?

  2. Mary Daphne Domingo Domingo says

    From what country are you?

  3. CHAN SUK says

    Hello good morning how are to day am Chan suk from my homeland life the team

  4. Steve Wey says


  5. Dee Ppa says

    Can I have some food lol from USA

  6. tess tessrr says

    Look everyone happy to have dinner . Especially young kids .

  7. Primitive Food KH says

    nice food

  8. echan lukram says


  9. Lê Đức Anh says

    Hi, from việt nam

  10. Kea Yang says

    I am hungry too…


    ANSWER. 3:44PM

  12. Kavita Meg says

    The fish did not wash clean. Some of the insides are still in even the gills. Needs to wash with vinegar or lime.

  13. Tammy Brown says

    I think its sweet when they cook they share it with other folks may God bless each and everyone of them

  14. Chansorn Sim says


  15. Senit Buncit says


  16. wil Garibay says

    All of the YouTubers I'd never seen like your channel, unique, awesome, brilliant,.. work and eating together. Besides, you all guys sharing your food . keep up the good work .

  17. miguel martinez says

    Espectacular muy ricoooo

  18. Vivian Kelly says

    Hi Ra I always enjoy your so bubbly attitude!! Your friendly smile is a big plus to your cooking team! I hope u all have a good day and glad to watch u when I need to see friendly people really go exist! Thanks for sharing!!???

  19. Imral Akgul says

    You mas give to people not you ate wote kook

  20. Michael Mwaura says

    I love these people

  21. Irfanirwana Sutini says

    Assalamualaikum mbak sukses terus sehat"semua nya dan jadi canell tervaforit Aamienn…… semagattt ?????????????

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