Copenhagen Travel Guide


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Our Copenhagen travel guide! What a captivating city, absolutely enchanting – I can see why everyone who visits Copenhagen falls in love with it. Great food, friendly people, and a fantastic public transport system makes Copenhagen an all around great city.

We have some great guests in our Copenhagen episode and be sure to stick around until the very end for a cheeky surprise (I really had no idea they did this until I saw the first cut!)

How we film our travel guides –

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  1. Eynat says

    Congratulations to your brother! Victory!

  2. Egg Man says

    Wow the quality of the camera and the video is amazing! I really want to go to Copenhagen now, so hopefully, Corona will end soon!!

  3. Simon Bannow says

    70 dkk for a beer that's just out of line that's BS even for a Dane!

  4. theguddilife says

    wonderful video.. was in Copenhagen pre-covid and just posted my travel video ?

  5. Teacup Chinese says

    Awesome city! I could live there too =] Loved my stay there!

  6. Frands Kristiansen says

    The 25% sales tax is included in all listed prices, and you are not expected to tip in restaurants, because everyone is paid a living wage… so… I would bet compared to London or New York.. over all, CPH is cheaper.

  7. Sabi-Arts says

    Damn that was some expensive beer! If you wanna save money on it then buy it in a grocery store, it's way cheaper, and you're allowed to drink alcohol almost anywhere, so especially in summer it's easy to find a sunny spot to enjoy a six pack in

  8. IronKompot says

    looks fucking boring. like wow, there is a metro and shitty weather. and a bar. look there is even a hot dog! (I'm sure it is cool in reality)

  9. Bloggers Boyfriend says

    that white t-shirt is sexy

  10. Jessica Beca says

    Do I need to learn Danish to live there?

  11. kaydanplaysroblox roblox says

    Copenhagen is the best Danes are the best I love Denmark

  12. Alex Newman says

    I don’t usually post comments on YouTube videos but your vid was so informative and interesting! So I just wanted to say thanks for sharing!

  13. kinisonu works says

    Great quality and content!! Love your videos!

  14. ZeDD says

    My gf is from Copenhagen. I m planning to be there for some days . But i kno i sucks at DANISH ?

  15. Paul Schneider says

    How do you present the real charm of Copenhagen? From city shots I don’t get it. I wanna see more people warmthBut thanks!

  16. peter lindhardtsen says

    And you can go from copenhagen to Malmö sweden i 20-30 min

  17. stuart boswell says

    first of all it is the crown they use in Denmark andnot the krona

  18. Alfie Tjen says

    Watching this 1 year on from when it's first published so unsure whether the information shared are accurate. Nevertheless this is by far, the most informative and equally entertaining Copenhagen videos I've seen.

  19. kid inside says

    See you in November Copenhagen

  20. Peter Taylor says

    I have lost track how many times I go to Copenhagen. I like your video, since then city has changed a lot over the years including newest underground extension 17 Metro stations plus another more by 2025 also biggest open air country tower walk. It also definitely greenest city well as across the country in the world. I'm sure many visitors will learn the lesson from them. Cheers from Scotland.

  21. Thomas Hovgaard says

    Ive seen a lot of Denmark videos, being a dane. This is among the best.

  22. tobias wildenhoff says

    I’m from Denmark 😀

  23. Frederik says

    Copenhagen is really EXPENSIVE – but if you know where to go it can be cheap. Like if you want to get a beer most places will charge AT LEAST 50+ dkk for a pint but some places, like the Old Irish Pub, only charge 20 dkk per pint and that isn't even happy hour price. Do your research before or ask the younger generation. And bring your student ID if you have one, some places will take 10-15% off the price which is quite nicely and adds up in end.

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