Coronavirus declared global health emergency by WHO l ABC News


The World Health Organization declared coronavirus a public health emergency of international concern at a news conference Thursday in Geneva. READ MORE:

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  1. Wenonah Abrenica says

    Better be safe than sorry

  2. DM Davi Miguel says Brazilians are taking care of the coronavirus in Brazil

  3. Amicus Entropia says (Masks to SHIP ANYWHERE US, CAN.,EU) Dont need to leave the house. CHEAPER, SAFER.

  4. Somi Keihan says #healthlifestyle #health #coronavirus #sanitizer

  5. Uncle Charlie says

    The WHO is a propaganda office to try to control people.

  6. Cito Gonzalez says

    This is how the world end because of China withholding the real number of infected

  7. 藍威斯特 says


  8. 藍威斯特 says

    It is not a political issue to mention Taiwan's accession to the World Health Organization WHO. Opposition to membership is a political issue. The WHO organization defines health as "perfect state in physical, mental and social life". The main functions include: promoting the prevention and control of epidemics and endemic diseases; providing and improving teaching and training on public health, disease medical treatment and related matters; and promoting the establishment of international standards for biological products. The work does not include what WHO officials said: It is recommended that countries do not stop traveling and trading with China.

  9. Lin Nina says

    It’s CHO!

  10. mad saxon says

    China always lies.

  11. Sifer 360 says

    These Is something fishy going on

  12. Brian Kulling says

    No flights from China to america, paris, dubai, england or germany. Period! They are a walking plague now.

  13. D says

    Ban all Chinese from entering! They are infectious!

  14. Najla Majetic says

    I’m ok for now I’m just praying it doesn’t come where I live e

  15. Samantha Anders says

    🔴 Wilbur Ross sounds like a Fool, for making such a ridiculous comment

  16. Amethyst Demon says

    China is already killing the world with a deadly virus that can kill people

  17. A. Stri says

    Shit's hitting the fan now…THANKS CHiNA 😐

  18. Lei Shy says

    When the doctors start dying as they have in Wuhan (two of them), then they have to get more worried. Because the nurses also don't want to go to work, either.

  19. hey says

    They knew this would happen, they're the ones who let it out of china

  20. pca 123 says

    Imagine if what is happening in China right now would be happening in YOUR CITY right now? How do you think your neighbour would feel if he would go out for a drive, and see a dead body on the sidewalk every few minutes?

  21. Estrelladelmar says

    Citizens of America: do not panic. Trump has everything under control. He’ll just tell the virus that he’s building a wall and is planning to make America great again.

  22. The One says

    Clowns the Coronavirus that could possibly kill millions is NOT a financial windfall!The FUCKERY IS EPIC!

  23. Anthony Sakowski says

  24. VIDEO&MUSICEditor says

    All these years I been paying insurance, I should of use all that money to build me a ship to get the hell of this planet

  25. Quiet Storm says

    Now ya see? The wicked is more concerned with money than human lives. This will be a plague of biblical proportions, and these devils only Care about the bottom line. Disgusting!

  26. Beethoven MozartSonata60 says

    Virus: spreads through human contact, two weeks incubation.China: Travel time, flies to different counties via airplaneW.H.O: it’s okay it’s not a real emergencyVirus: oh look 👀 new hostsW.H.O: Okay so… we may have been wrong, but you know…at least you have healthcare and vaccines.USA: 👁👄👁Anti-Vax people: 👁👄👁 herbs will save usRest of the word: 🤧😷

  27. Do Better says

    If "they" can't control you with laws and voting they will do it biologically. Either way you will stop your misbehaving, protesting and questioning of the elite power structure.

  28. Maria says

    Where tf am I supposed to get my nails done at noq

  29. AntiSocialTheProducer - says

    I'm buying me goggles

  30. Mizzmariexo Fossa says

    We are not acting fast enough! Shut everything down!

  31. Will Otta says

    We already know that this is wrong information. (hear me out)The WHO and CDC gather their information from the Chinese goverment that have been straight up lying to you. There have been over 90,000 cases reported within China of people infected, the death toll is over 2% (thats fucking alarming!) also speading and rising to predicted 10% if carried along to the US and many Westernised countries. This is because the overwhelming amount of induviuals with heart and respiratory issues beacuse our western sociaties unhealthy lifstyle. These reports are on the inside of Wuhan from doctors and Viral Epidemologists.For some odd and sick reasons unknown the Chinese Gov has been working so hard the remove these claims, videos and stats off the internet every day so they can create there own bullshit. Wuhan hospitals are completely full and nobody can get help. Every day people are dropping like flies randomly, they don't evem have time to clear the bodies and in many officially removed fottages (you can still find these videos), dead bodies covered but lying everywhere on the floors! – surrounded by crowds of sick victims waiting to get help, it is so terrible. Not to mention, Wuhan is currently building 2 buildings. 1 to house 1,000+ beds (no lie, look it up) for sick victims who really have no chance in this. The second building is set the be a mega hospital for the same reason and to house many more beds then the first. The Craziest thing about this is that Wuhan will have built the first building in 6 days and the second in the matter of 2 weeks! Like wtf is acutally happening and why is the Chinese goverment lying to you?!?C'mon guys, we are the ones who use the internet like a tool and these massive organizations don't like that because we can find out truth! We know this but we keep falling for their bullshit! Every bloddy time. These people running these organizations aren't good people. They are hardly human. Every Goverment and major corporaton lie to us and make fools of us because we can't make any desisions and we are literally cattle who work our arses off and never truly live. This is just another example of the lies surrounding the Coronavirus.Dont listen to these bullshit companies trying to control us. Listen to the people to don't have a voice and keep getting Silenced – the same people who are literally living in these horrible situations!Fuck the WHOFuck the CDCAnd fuck the Chinese Goverment

  32. Roberto Silva says

    Where else can you build a 1,000 bed hospital in ten days. Only made in China.

  33. Patrick Star says

    Why bring them to california I dont want to die

  34. mike stone2 says

    There is 12 cases in my town. Northwest Florida. It seems to be spreading quickly. Tons report it. We are screwed

  35. Tenzack YOGI says

    WTF..some statements made under complete wrong contexts.

  36. Dan D says

    What about the plethora of goods shipped from China?

  37. h3lix86 says

    leave it to fox to be more concerned about the stock market than the lives of billions of people.

  38. Zoot Suit says

    China testing a new biological warfare.

  39. Aishat Aishat says

    Mine is , who always give this virus name ? HIV, Ebola, and now Coronavirus.. just curious

  40. Diblik Vasco says

    The Fuck is with that asshole!!!

  41. Alina Mukova says

    Coronavirus :made in China

  42. XivecGamer says

    You know what they say… You can change the world.

  43. N J says

    Nothing to see here folks, just keep shopping, traveling, dining out…spend that money because the economy matters more than human lives. Boycott china until they clean up their wicked ghetto markets once and for all.

  44. Majin Vegeta says


  45. 森の えさ松 says

  46. Christine P says

    WHO general Tredos!! It's too late!! Wuhan coronavirus is all over the world now!! You should step down!!

  47. Master Driver of Toyota Zupr4 says

    Mars to Earth : "So, how did you do it?" Earth: "Do what?" Mars: "get rid of the H. Sapiens Virus"Earth: "BATS"

  48. Blackfish Billy says

    Deep state. Trump 2020

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