Coronavirus Lockdown: Can Govt Ensure Delivery Of Essential Goods? | News Today With Rajdeep


India has been put under complete lockdown for 21 days starting today. All public transport have been banned while any kind of non-essential movement outside the house has also been prohibited. Prime Minister Modi made the big announcement on Tuesday night and said that this is the only way India can fight coronavirus.
Meanwhile, people have started to panic and rushed to groceries to stock up essential items. The e-commerce platforms are also facing issues due to the lockdown and thereby not able to deliver goods.
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  1. Holistic zone 9 says

    Abe angrej

  2. Mamang Haokip says

    If this lockdown happen longer ,we will died in hunger ,we are doing our works as staying at home, government should focus on what we need especially , medical facilities,food .

  3. Pervein Sukhia says

    Online big basket shows no stock and site doesn’t open, suggestion when we pay online all our items should come in sealed containers not to be touched by the riders , same should be left at the door , any shortage rider should wait till client gives ok before he leaves, as of now 0930 pm big basket shows stocks not available

  4. MDAMTL Haq says

    There is a BULL-SHEET news from CNN that whistle-blower scientist of China who traced the CORONA-VIRUS and remedy and subsequently died of the disease had secretly mentioned in his diary in complex foreign language that TEA is the medicine only which has chemicals methyl xanthine, together with some bromine compound in tea leaves. How can you believe this that more than 100 crores of Indians are drinking tea every day but still there is an outbreak in India

  5. ravi kumar says

    This is an out break. Not a time to feast. Martial law to be declared. Survival rations to be delivered. How much provision you need. ? if you cutdown consumption .

  6. Zakir Hussain says

    Dear Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai, I appreciate
    Your Channel and entire Staff who are
    doing wonderful and bold coverage
    going out in the open, risking their
    Own lives. The Present Corona Virus
    situation indeed a Unique situation
    the Virus is beyond imagination of
    of Medical Experts and Scientists.
    People must understand the great difficulty in collecting reports from spots around the Country. I am so worried about these Brave Hearts of
    Not only your Channel but every
    Channel and it is amazing to see the
    Valour and Courage of these Journalists working 24 × 7. I am
    A 70 Year Old Retired Person, I
    Pray to Allah for these Brothers and
    Sisters for their Safety and Good Health. Many young women Reporters
    of these Channels I consider as my
    Own Daughters. My heart prays every
    time I see them reporting when ever
    I watch T. V. May Allah Bless the
    Nation and People as a Hole. I think
    it would be wise for all Channels to stop On Spot Reporting for a Week
    atleast. After seeing the situation
    You send them out. Simply, we cannot
    Risk them to visit Open Places.

  7. Prabir Kumar Dasgupta says

    No this govt will not do that because they are not concerned with poor !
    Had it been so they could have announced supply of essentials thru PDS for all categories of people !
    They could have announced universal public health care!
    All elite private hospitals should be asked to treat corona virus patients without any cost !!!!
    Now a days they even do not give first aid for road accident cases without cost !!!!!

  8. Evelyn SARDINHA says

    Please allow Big basket, Grofers n Dmart to give home delivery. Their prices r reasonable. In normal shops vegetable prices have skyrocketed. Grocery shops have big lines. We dont want to go out, so allow big basket n others to function. They r doing a good job y don't you allow them to work.

  9. సుమ మాలికలు Suma Malikalu says

    What's the point in lockdown for so long,when people crowd in the markets ? Does it take hours to spread, if it really has to ?

  10. Jawahar C says

    Rajdeep is trying to incite CHAOS and spread as much NEGATIVITY as he can.

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