Coronavirus Makes Travel Cheaper, But Should You Book? | WSJ


As the coronavirus forces would-be travelers to stay indoors, travel deals are popping up online. Don’t be easily swayed. WSJ’s Scott McCartney breaks down how to avoid risky travel. Photo: Getty Images

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  1. Marcus Boy S says

    Closing line, "When this's over….."
    One and One only is, over from what? When lockdown is over or when Corona is over?

  2. Chris Christian says

    Cheaper??? It’s more expensive now

  3. John Doe says

    I hope we can fly again very soon. This travelban is unnecessary now that everyone has social distancing and other measures in place

  4. says

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  5. ndoro bei says

    Yes, to antarctica.

  6. itsmesanto says

    How would anyone really know the crisis is over? After this coronavirus threat and governments and media around the world scrambling to save the economy and willing to sacrifice people like me, I don't trust the government or media anymore. Probably, millions of people feel the same.

  7. sukuvar says

    usa is really crazy when it comes to business, even the usa media too..who will talk about travel during pandemic…is it sane or just materialistic life…

  8. mixwell1983 says

    Well I will be flying back home to CA from TN in 2 days.. We booked our tickets before all of this BS and when we flew out on the 18th there were maybe 60 passengers total in our flight and airport was dead. Will be interested to see what its like now 2 weeks later. Things werent all shut down then..

  9. Slim says

    Useless video just stay the f. Home !

  10. Alan Thompson says

    I'm sorry, in a time when some people are trying to adhere to suggested guidelines by the government and smart scientists, I think it is incredibly stupid to be unnecessarily travelling at this time. And if you continue to keep flying and cruising after all that has happened, maybe you deserve what you get, to bad your children have to suffer your ignorance.

  11. OriginalGrasshopper says

    I’m an American expat living in Europe now (Sweden) and I am not seeing any of these great travel deals like is shown in this vid! Flights are only slightly cheaper and hotel prices are the same as always. Plus most European airlines are not being very generous as far as cancellations and rebookings go. KLM, for example, will only let you cancel or rebook without a fee through May 31.

  12. Sierra Dearns says

    Boston to Orlando $41?!?! 👀👀👀

  13. E M S says

    Uh. No. You shouldn't book. Are you nuts?

  14. Long Rod von Hugendong says

    I’ll save you 3 minutes: no.

  15. Hassan M. Hassan says

    For people trying to make it back home to their countries flights can be much more expensive. Anyone traveling for pleasure now is insane.

  16. Mk2 says

    walter russell mead "The Real Sick man of America"

  17. 彼得•伊万诺维奇•巴格拉季昂元帅 says

    the real sick man in north America

  18. Miguel Perdomo says

    How do airlines even make money out of that?

  19. Naseem Hossen says


  20. Peizxcv says

    Save $50, get free 14-days quarantine

  21. Malith Perera says

    Yes buy a ticket now for future flight for cheap. Plan your next summer now.

  22. Shan Hu says

    Happened in Taiwan. Idiots went travelling due to cheap flights and came back with covid 19. Guess what? The gov tested them and then gave them bills to pay for the testing and then additional medical costs. The rest of Taiwan has free health care while those idiots dont. 😂

  23. Christopher Derrell says

    Thank you for posting this Scott, I know you didn't have to go so in-depth. This is beneficial and exactly what I needed to know.

  24. Apollo says

    No travel Ban in Canada ,Airports are busy but no one is tested for Coving-19 and that's a huge concern with spread,14 days quarantine won't do much if they are infected already and stay with families in the same house –

  25. BigBollocks says

    Never, ever, ever get on another cruise ship. Floating disease factories.

  26. VintageToiletsRock says

    3:33 Even the airplane is clowning. Don't travel until there have been 2 weeks of 0 new cases… that will probably take years, so don't travel, it's what got us into this mess.

  27. FTC FTC says

    Does our grand father have kept enough saving to deal with corona ?

  28. Tyrion Lee says

    America First!
    America is the real sick man of the world!

  29. Jun Kun says

    You can travel if your life is cheap

  30. Imperial0666 says

    who is in the mood to travel now? they're not going to have this under control until at least 2021. if you're going to travel now where is there to go? everything is shut down everywhere. tourism and business travel is dead. the airlines might as well shut down except for cargo.

  31. Tiger Zero says

    Well depends, how cheap?

  32. NY says

    Cheap with a bonus of virus

  33. Chad X says

    you sure? See outbreaks everywhere. Don’t mislead people just by couple of dollars discount. You are killing. Cheap

  34. moose boy says

    And the cruise ships…you know they dump their waste in the ocean….every cruise ship has dumped this virus into the oceans.

  35. moose boy says

    ARE YOU ALL INSANE? Every plane should be burned to the ground, their filthy Petri dishes.

  36. What Did I Just Watch says

    Promoting people to travel now? Are you trying to say this virus is not spreading quickly enough in the US and you would like to see it spread faster?

  37. Davida Singleton says

    About to take off as we speak!!!’

  38. t1underground says


  39. Machii Sensei says

    A travel with no return. Oh ohh

  40. Luigi says

    If I die I die ✊🏻

  41. Thomas Kincaid says

    Booked round trip flights to Hawaii, Paris and Belize in June-August from Dallas for $920. This pandemic is giving me a new opportunity to travel for really cheap!!!!

  42. Mae Mae says

    It cheap otherwise they won’t survive to continue.

  43. The Psychic Pleasant says

    coughs no coughs

  44. Raymond Lee says

    NO! Cathay Pacific charged cancellations and rebooking fees on me 3 weeks ago. Pathetic!

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