Coronavirus will be here for ‘months and months,’ health minister says | Vancouver Sun


Dr. Bonnie Henry gives her regular coronavirus update.

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  1. Lois Reichert says

    Jim Jones drink the cool aid already!!!.

  2. Lois Reichert says

    Close the borders…close bars and restaurants if it's not already too late!!! Beaches are full of drinkers..smokers and dogs. Wundering where the by law officers are?? Seems like it's a free for all…no 6 feet …only lots of hugging by lots of young folk!!!! Whaaat? Like it's all over?!

  3. Jody Rice says

    Shut it down and give everybody 50% off skip the dishes1

  4. RyanZakMusic says

    check out vernon coleman's videos

  5. RyanZakMusic says

    shut up bonnie

  6. olive budgie says

    You are incredibly Heartened to How People are Buying in….What Exactly are we Buying Into…..Please clarify this statement. Cause it sounds a little Suspicious and interesting. Would you like to enlighten us all on what are we buying into…Interesting, the last time someone or others I knew told me or others, what was going to happen if when I or we didn't buy into it. Then there was an option given if I or we did not buy in, called threats.Interesting. A few of us Heard the comment about buying in and had to rewind more than once to listen to what you said, to Make Sure you said what you said…….

  7. MrDavidwilson86 says

    Lol it’s not that hard to keep Canadians inside away from others . it’s like we’re shunning the virus 😉 typical passive aggressive behaviour:)

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