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Welcome to another episode of the Paradox Podcast! Today, we discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Paradox and the games industry.
We discuss the condition of the games industry during the pandemic, the challenges of remote work and effect of major event cancellations on developers and publishers.
We are also joined by our Chief Human Resources Officer, Marina Hedman, to answer your questions about the well-being of our employees and talk about what we do to keep the morale up during this prolonged isolation.

What we’ve been up to – 0:15
Topic of the Day: COVID-19 and the Games Industry – 5:19
Answering your Questions – 28:43

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Subject: Video game leaks, confidentiality, embargoes and NDAs.
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  1. A.J. C. says

    Victoria 3 when

  2. atomixfang says

    I am one of those people who is loving the quarantine, now if only something could be done with the economy going down the drain, that would be good. People need to accept that things will never go back to normal. This is bigger than 9/11 and the world has changed for ever.

  3. Evan B says

    Interesting episode! It's good to hear about how great you guys treat your employees. (I wish my company was like that)

  4. Enormhi says

    Paradox seems like a pretty great place to work

  5. 00die00991 says

    I wonder if Ck3 will get over £1000 in dlc, at this point I feel like paradox is going for a world record.

  6. Mike K4ISR says

    Give it a few months and things will get back to normal. The doomdays sayers are making it much worse than it really is, the way they're talking is 50% of the population will die off yet this has a death rate around 0.1%, much much lower for healthyadults and children.

  7. KayakTim says

    Right now Paradox has become my favorite developer/publisher. Playing excellent games like hoi4 and stellaris have been godsend during this time. Stay safe!

  8. Pangaron says


  9. Ace Hardy says


  10. Gemoron says

    I can just support KayakTim's statement. They have even surpassed Activision 'B' by a long shot by now by supporting creating great games no one else dares to make and support. Even though it flopped, I loved the Warlock series. the Clausewitz Engine games are their own genre as Grand Strategy where gameplay is about strategy and not just high speed chess run on muscle memory. Your Customer contact is also supreme with your selforganized event like the yearly EU4 LAN or events like the Stellaris Influences MP with their goals (please more of those. you can surely recreate that in other games as well). This podcast is also a prime example of customer relationship, offering a glimpse behind the curtains.Also Vici3? Maybe change the pop system from big jump pop numbers to 1 big pop = 5k-10k real inhabitants, you would be developing Imperator into a much wanted vicy 3 position XD

  11. Rozaliya Olenyeva says

    I've literally played almost every games of Paradox.

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