COVID-19 games are so bad..


COVID-19 games are so bad..

Today’s video came about from me looking through Steam and typing in covid-19. I saw a bunch of low tier games and chose the best out of the bunch for you guys to watch! I hope you enjoyed the video! Please drop a like and a comment, it would be greatly appreciated! 😀

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  1. Tranium says

    stay safe out there <3

  2. Seth Kornelsen says

    Nancy got the Malibu cough

  3. Odzarvio says

    thank you

  4. Ye boi Jide says

    First game and my native flag is being shown, Zimbabwe????

  5. Teodor Vacek says

    The fck are these games

  6. Motocross And shit says

    Susie’s lounge in pa. See if u can go in it on google earth vr

  7. Papi Toothpaste says

    Go bald to google earth vr and search up Uvalde Texas u can find some funny things there

  8. CringeJahBruh , says

    Come on Tranium hop on this beat

  9. Seth Beltran says

    My guy I feel like your way to unrated

  10. Crazy at roblox and fortnite says

    Do more Google earth

  11. xx5H0T5F1R3Dxx -_- says

    Call of Duty really ripped off Call of Corona like that? Come on man

  12. YEEGIE says

    Yes stay away from the corona beer it will be bad. ??

  13. RichardJPope says


  14. ツ90sanimeツ says

    Wtf Call of Corona Micro Warfare??

  15. ツ90sanimeツ says

    I love your vids Tranium keep up the great work?❤️

  16. Cofrosted 685 says

    You didnt add glizzy to your shopping list disappointing tranium

  17. TheStaticShooter says

    You guys should play gmod

  18. Alice Johnson says

    I really wanted to see that dog cough

  19. Dark World says


  20. vanessa luevano says

    This was so funny dude!

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