Covid-19 in Football Manager 2021


In this video, RDF speaks about the concerns surrounding COVID-19 and how SI/FM will approach this in Football Manager 2021. For FM21 they have decided to “strike the best possible balance between realism and escapism”.

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  1. FM Scout says


    Thank you guys – RDF

  2. Neng Foods Mania says

    Can you seting drop down for all stick man in between match .

    Becoz i must set imformation one by one position and one man stick and stuck 5555

  3. asapas8 says

    Fix the match engine. Too scripted

  4. DaveTheRave says

    Am I the only one who doesn’t know whether to buy fm21 because I am so invested in my fm20 save 😂

  5. victoria helburn says


  6. marian amisculesei says

    i will not gonna buy it, i will stay with 20

  7. David Smith says

    The mono tone voice helping me to enjoy this video at all

  8. Peter Weer says

    Nice video

  9. Laoch says

    it shouldnt be in the game.

  10. dimitris panagiotidis says

    i will stick better with fm20……

  11. massimo collu says

    At least we won’t find bullshits like masks or social distancing on the game!

  12. Zyphyr 307 says

    If I select the "use fake fixtures" option, will the schedule be normal?

  13. Mohammed Fayiz says

    When the crack will come😉

  14. Kevin Burrow says

    It shouldn't be in there at all.

  15. Mr B says

    The only virus you have to be tested for to find out you have it. 🤦 What a hoax 🤔

  16. Hibs stuff says

    So what I’m thinking is it’s like the aftermath of it like the virus has been eradicated but the financial situations stick around that’s what I’m getting and that’s kinda what I hope as it both separates us from real life whilst keeping that little aspect of it in the game

  17. Akunwanne Prosper says

    What does RDF mean?

  18. Ell Cally says

    ive had a player catch coronavirus on fm2020 sent him home for 2 weeks

  19. razorman1977 says

    No covid. Football manager is my escape which helps alot. We don't need horrible real life stuff coming into football manager, if we start then we may as well bring politicians into the game. I like that they haven't over done covid but I would be happy for it to be removed completely. It has nothing to do with football and is just a really bad thing thats happening right now. People don't want to be reminded of it.

  20. Nick Simpson says

    Living alone during lockdown was horrendous, FM20 kept things to normal. I could immerse myself in my own little bubble

  21. yorkie6013 says

    ive not seen anything in these feature updates that would make me want to buy the game and this quite frankly is stupid. Next you will be getting an update where players kneel before games due to this BLM nonsense. (before all the keyboard warriors start accusing me of being a racist, do some research about BLM and you will find it has nothing to do with race equality).

    Edit: i wondered why i hadnt seen these comments from Miles on twitter, seems hes blocked me and yet ive never even spoken to him.

  22. Paul Goodman says

    Who cares? I want to play soccer. I want to get away from everyday life

  23. Lam Jianhua says

    I wish it would be more realistic to reflect the current global covid 19 situation where the manager has to implement safety measures to prevent the covid spreading. And if the precautions are poor covid 19 would be spread among the squad. This would bring a whole new dimension to the game, with needing to incorporate testing for the virus on the team, quarantine of the suspected cases, maybe investing and coming up with a vaccine.

  24. William Cimino says

    Looks like I am in the minority that wanted covid to be more present in the game, to be more realistic. But I agree that the way they did is more reasonable.

  25. TheBillABCTV says

    FM said they wouldn't put it in the game. I won't be getting FM21 I will stick with FM20.

  26. yeahh buddy says

    Put time into the game working on covid crap instead of improving other areas. Yikes!

  27. Krazy-8 says

    I can only buy fm 21 in the 1st november, I will get the beta? Or k need to buy before?

  28. Leman Russ says

    Dont need covid stuff. Just keep it same as before. Just have normal seasons.
    Def getting touch version.

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