1. naruto the sage says

    Lol i just Saw a video exactly when this was published titled why is this pague doctor wandering this uk something

  2. MegaMissRose says

    SCP-049 seems to be enjoying himself. Glad to see him having fun for once. I’d be friends with him, he’s my favorite SCP! Love ya 049!

  3. Mitchell Mantooth says

    i subed now i need to know where to get that

  4. BrAnDoLiNplyz says


  5. Marie Skye says

    Doctor: yEeTs part of the fishing pole
    Camerawoman: gAsP That's not a joke I paid twenty dollars for this thing I can't believe you just did that oHmYgOsH Your going to have to go in after it now

  6. Thijs Smits says

    Where did you get that costume?

  7. ItsYaBoiWafflezz says


  8. Чумной Доктор says


  9. mohd yusni mohd ariffin says

    The foundation: we send him out because why not

  10. CookieCatVA says

    I Ain’t gonna lie, I have no idea how I found this but I’m glad I did

  11. FELIPE CHEN says

    bruh i think he got on da news

  12. LinPlays says

    The most wholesome plague doctor ever

  13. SpRuNk says


  14. Heavy Weapons Guy says

    What is the costume that you have? Just curious.

  15. glaswegian rangers says

    Yo fishing rod went rrrrr

  16. DragonZombie200 says

    Bro you have to send me the link to buy that costume 🤣👌

  17. PringlePenguin says

    Where did you get the costume?

  18. Kenneth casino says

    wow what a good plague doctor 😊

  19. Bryan Fuscarino says

    Better make part 3.

  20. AmongMore 56 says

    hi guys


  21. Aiden Belanger says

    When the goth kid goes out in public

  22. Jane Sakura says

    *Insert Wide Putin Music Here*

  23. EmilyLove 8728 says

    I would like to see more of these video

  24. Owen Wood says

    This guy is stupid brave, I would be fearing for my life at that point.

  25. Zachary Hicks says

    "We do not own the song in this video, it was made by the Bee Gees" REALLY??!!! OMG

  26. Needer 123 says

    Shouldn’t plague doctor be saving the pandemic

  27. The Raider says

    We need more people like this in the world

  28. Nekoma_YouTube says

    Stop whit this videos i'm subscribe at this Channel😂😂

  29. Dydud Fvuduj says

    Yay I love fishing

  30. The Ace Of Fishing says

    im going to buy one of these costume and chase random people around

  31. Deadly Diamond says

    049 becoming a fisherman? Is he going to make the fish into SCP-049-2s?

  32. Fish Face says

    I love these videos

  33. Fish Face says

    No joke, I do that every day

  34. Derek Charbonneau says

    imagine being an SCP Foundation agent and seeing this, I bet you would become chaos insurgency

  35. SlickLikeAtrout says

    I pAiD ²0 dOlLaRs FoR tHiS tHiNg bruh 20 dollars for a fishing rod is like getting a car for 100 bucks

  36. Lynx says

    Where do you get that I’ve been looking for a one just like that could you leave a link to It

  37. Tyler Kuhndel says

    @Ur Mom In Yeezies Can you drop the link on where to get that plague docteur outfit?

  38. Doctor Lazarus says


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