COVID-19 Realistic Highlights: Barca vs Bayern **NO CROWD** mod | PES 2020


The full match is on my Patreon:

Manual Passing BLEW MY MIND:
Broadcast camera mod here:

I’m on Twitter:

No Crowd Mod:

Step 1: Use any of these links to download the “no crowd” cpk:

Step 2: Backup your “dt19_x64.cpk” in your “Data” folder in the main PES folder

Step 3: Replace the file with the one you downloaded. That’s it! Works with any stadium and with all sider stadiums. Turn off crowd audio to make it more realistic.

This mod is PC only. This match was played on Superstar difficulty, with default gameplay (Datapack 8.0)

#pes2020 #Bayern #barca

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  1. KnightMD says

    The full match is on my Patreon:
    Manual Passing BLEW MY MIND:
    Broadcast camera mod here:

    I'm on Twitter:
    My first Twitch livestream will be here:

  2. Hassan Choucair says

    Bro what is your camera type ?

  3. Zufar Natsir says


  4. Shawn Fernandez 12 says

    It looks like a real game

  5. Nibras Seyfudin says

    I swear I've done this one month ago bro, added crowd remover plus zero ( 0 ) crowd sound, seems like we've got the same attitude. ❤ Love you man , Love everything you do 👍

  6. Harris Ibeachum says

    Hey MD…..add artificial crowd sound…..thats wht used in reallife , its neva dx.silent

  7. Shrek says

    How do I i reverse it

  8. PES Patch says

    yo bro, which patch are you using?

  9. Tech Helper says

    8-2 lol🤣🤣🤣

  10. J GG says

    8:2 very very realistic

  11. Bennymlc Productions says

    Am i able to use this mod on PS4 PES 2020 Demo??

  12. Bacon Broface says

    you can sadly still hear the fans but vhen you score you dont hear them

  13. Red Warrior says

    Where can I find the turf you are using in this and many other videos?

  14. Sudan masss says

    In Game Barca 2-0 Bayern but in Reality Barca 2-8 Bayern 😂😂

  15. Azri says

    it should be 8-2 😂

  16. Jake Dean says


  17. gigi gogo says

    and now barca 2-8 bayern

  18. Milad Formoli says


  19. Anders Anffst says

    How can you even play this shit? I mean modern konami football games. After watching your praise videos, I bought this, but after 10 minutes of playing, I immediately deleted it and requested a refund. t's just a disgusting game. The quintessence of the abomination that has been happening with PES since 2010

  20. SomethingSomething says

    Why don't you release full videos for your YT?

  21. Mahathir Malaysia says

    Bayern V Barcelona
    7 – 1

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