Covid CANCELLED Mixer Plans Says Ninja and Shroud


Apparently @Ninja and @Shroud had some big plans for their personal brands and Mixer which were shutdown by the virus outbreak. But why have Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook continued to grow?

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  1. Suthun Rath says

    Why don't they just all go to Spotify?? or maybe that's what they're just waiting to do after this quarter?

  2. Tyler Lucas says

    I always thought shroud was coming back to twitch after his contract

  3. Mr Teca says

    Wow, riding ninja, mixer and shrouds clout ??

  4. Mellow Yellow says

    Mixer will be King in 10 years. Reminder

  5. Mellow Yellow says

    They started signing people because of Mixer.

  6. Flaven80 says

    I don't know why Shroud and ninja would take mixers failure personal…If they expect me to believe mixer would be totally fine if shroud and ninja coulda held events.why do they even care? they got paid… this is mixers problem, not shroud and ninja.BTW… whats stopping mixer from holding online events? what the hell is covid stopping them from doing? OR is it just a really convenient excuse…like I'm just a dummy.

  7. Isaac Arreguin says

    Yo do u live in Portland? I peep the long sleeve o.0

  8. STREAM GOAT says

    to people dogging Facebook gaming,FB isnt bad bro, big untapped market. towards end of blackout lifespan alot of newer streamers made waves from being on Facebook. Albeit, some people have singed with FB have died off, i.e Mark of J. he is rising back though. Facebook also has A waaaaayyyyy more organic following than twitch and YT or mixer may ever have because you gotta use your actual facebook account to interact. which means you probably less likely to troll or be a dick. and going through the trouble to make a smurf or whatever is possible. but more of a hassle. FB is on the move, but do i think itll surpass twitch. nope. not in a few years. but FB offers something these others dont. You gotta remember people may spend ALL day on Facebook. its easier to go live there and people share your pictures, vods, clips, all right there. no need to export to YT or Twitter later on. its already all on FB. I myself still use twitch religiously but i understand what facebook brings also.

  9. STREAM GOAT says

    ayee bro glad to see you resting bruh. dont be out here stressing so much man.

  10. Yung Gupta says

    I don’t really know how people staying at home and watching more content could harm them, people just don’t want to watch them.

  11. Erik Hernandez says

    Use your brain they we're going to have a big live stream event in a venue

  12. Frank Silva says

    Mixers first priority should be the hiring of a hitman from either the Boston or New Jersey area to assassinate you using a garrote wire.

  13. SenorChris says

    Mixer just announced a "huge" Fortnite tournament hosted by Ninja

  14. Shad Budge says


  15. alan robbs says

    I think another big reason mixer hasn’t seen the growth as the others have is because everyone already uses YouTube, Facebook, and if you were into streaming before then Twitch as well. So it’s easier to gain traction on a platform that already has a ton of traffic. Mixer is a new app that you have to set up and download and as small and insignificant as that sounds it’s a big deal for people. Same reason why people freaked out at the epic games store, it’s another launcher they have to sign up and setup. Even though it brings competition which is only better for the end user. People don’t like change

  16. rustytrades says

    If they just start slamming social media platforms with ads with repetition they will see a big uptick. It's proven if someone who has never heard of a company sees or interacts with a companies ads 7 times there is a ridiculous percentage that will finally click through and check that companies product out. The last big uptick that I saw in viewership that was sustained (keyword there) was when I started seeing ads for mixer on social media (like FB, IG etc).Azure servers are quickly starting to outpace Amazon's servers, and starting to severely cut into their market share. For reference, twitch runs on AWS(Amazon's cloud service) and mixer is on Azure(Microsoft's Cloud Servers). Microsoft has a more solid reliable back end than Amazon does now. Mixer is part of the Xbox community and that's by design, they know it's going to be behind everyone right now, but I do believe they have something big planned for mixer when the new console drops.

  17. Antonio Fresina says

    Mixer blew their load on shroud and ninja. They can not afford anyone else. Lmao

  18. ChronicCrusader says

    Mixer is probably dead

  19. Andrew Hare says

    Yo our boy is rocking that Portland Gear merch. You from Portland? Love the content keep it up

  20. Hyde Unleashed says

    Mixer's growth, or lack thereof, has nothing to do with buying big streamers. The goal of buying Ninja, Shroud, Ewok, and others was not to boost their viewership. It was to put them on the map, it was to get the world's attention, and they got that attention. A year ago, no one knew mixer was a thing, it was "underground". Now, everyone has heard of it. The issue is that they didn't do anything WITH that attention, either due to COVID or laziness. More currently, Mixer doesn't have an equivalent to twitch drops, and its viewership was sliced in half thanks to valorant having drops on twitch, if you're gunna watch a stream, but if you watch it on twitch you get free stuff out of it, obviously twitch makes more sense. Mixer until recently also didn't have their own version of twitch prime, which accounts for give or take 70% of the subs on twitch. Now they do, and it's actually better, it's done through microsoft rewards, and you can get as many free subs as you want depending on how many points you have, the problem is that it's burried in a clunky website and not clear and easy on how to redeem it, and mixer has barely promoted it, just a couple tweets. Here are my 3 things mixer could do to grow despite the challenges of COVID.1. Embed the new free subs reward in a clear and easy to use way on the front page of mixer.2. Introduce "Mixer Drops"3. Pay a big, established esport to exclusively broadcast to Mixer. (Maybe start with Halo, it's a microsoft product, or if microsoft has the balls, offer LOL a shit ton of money)

  21. Just A Thought says

    Mixer is run by kanye west and jayz.

  22. christian velazquez says

    Facebook (stream service) is really big in the Spanish scene

  23. christian velazquez says

    I swear to God, you made a video on this topic already

  24. Richard Stauffer says

    I think big signings can help with immediate attention, but not long term growth. It CAN, in my opinion, help with retention. YouTube signing esports leagues seems like a good long term play. Mixer just needs to advertise and come up with promotions utilizing the Xbox and Microsoft brand to grow. I think 2021 will be a huge year for Mixer as a platform. As someone who enjoys watching Mixer content im shocked by the YoY numbers because the categories consistently have more viewers than ever.

  25. Scruffopone says

    "But why have Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook continued to grow?"Hmm, why is it that larger self sustaining de facto monopolies don't need to rely on events when new start ups don't have the same luxuries? TRULY THIS IS A MYSTERY!

  26. Silxnce says

    Mixer isn’t going anywhere lmaooo

  27. Ennui Defiance says

    I would have liked mixer to twke over game streaming since twitch is full of degenerates…..but I guess gamers are just degen haha

  28. Shanky Panky says

    Here's how it is. Amazon, Facebook, and Youtube had a huge online presence in terms of social media platforms outside gaming. Easier for them to send people online on one of their sites to "Hey look! games! Wanna Watch?" Microsoft even though owns windows and Xbox platforms, couldn't convert this to online infrastructure. This is a company that couldn't even manage to make people use their default WEB BROWSER. The first thing people do after installing windows is, install Chrome and then Yeet stupid Edge out of the 'Windows'.

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