1. No Clip says

    Does it work with roundify?

  2. chicken tendies says

    When I add a local scipt to the "positive" frame it doesn't add it under the script but next to the "baseplate" tab

  3. ender gamer2007m says

    i need help my healthbar keeps on expanding when i dont want it to expand

  4. waleedald0 says

    how come when I make a frame there is no white background. Just a box where you can adjust the scale

  5. Robloxian says

    this does not work thx so much you got a dislike

  6. 陈乙谆Tan Yee Zhun says

    i cant it does not work

  7. IvanFletcher says

    Excellent, easily customizable!

  8. Artificial System says

    This is a very old tutorial but very helpful and informative. I'm very glad you go through the intricacies of certain things your explanations are clear and understandable. 🙂

  9. Qublex says

    This video is pretty old and I doubt I'll get an answer, but what if the player's MaxHealth was boosted and I wanted it to stay the same size?

  10. GhostR siksik says

    its work and now 2019 thx you you have new sub

  11. Bandito Ex3 says


  12. BlueEnderCookie_2 says

    how to make it for a npc?

  13. Asadefa says

    I am a scripter myself, and instead of wait for child("Humanoid") i suggest findfirstchildwhichisa("Humanoid")

  14. Good Boy Milo says

    in 2019 it doesn't work :thinking:
    EDIT: ah, i must have done something wrong. i tested it out when i was following your tutorial, health bar never changed in studio and didn't appear in game.
    after i used your model (the link is in desc), it worked in studio but never appeared in game. help?

  15. DanIINinja says


  16. The Best says

    it doesn't work i actually thought it would :/

  17. BashtyTheKing says

    Thanks I am planning to make an rpg I am glad I found this video many thanks.

  18. Jhonloyd Mariano says

    thx whelp

  19. mattyao1111 says

    it doesnt work

  20. MINE2103 GAMES says

    What means 'from scratch'?

  21. QuietGamer says

    You guys are not going to learn to script if you just copy and paste a script

  22. O.DarkCafeYT says

    thx so much i like n sub!!!!! can you do a scripiting tut on how make a custom inventory please!!!

  23. PhantomHex says

    Can you show us how to make a HealthGUI but like it only has the numbers?

  24. MrPrODenIx says

    dosent work.

  25. June Clarnel Mejares says

    So How to make a vehicle moves

  26. scribels says

    It works for the first time, but once you die/reset, the health bar stops working?

  27. MNU CONTENT says

    thx for the help

  28. Kevin says

    How'd you learn how to code? DOn't bs me, tell me!

  29. BoomerUniverse says

    how to disable default on the left:
    game:GetService('StarterGui'):SetCoreGuiEnabled(Enum.CoreGuiType.All, false)
    put that before the HealthChanged Function

  30. BoomerUniverse says

    Here's one with a TextLabel as well:


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