Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi: 11 coaches decide who is the best | Oh My Goal


Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, the battle of the GOATs continues. Now it’s time for the greatest football managers in the world to answer the biggest question in the game: who’s the better player between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi? Find out in this video.


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  1. Ashik Das says


  2. Ashik Das says

    Cr don't need any support

  3. Din Kompis says

    What is this fake shit simeone said ronaldo is the best in the World after ronaldo scored a hatrick on Atlético in ucl+

  4. F J says

    No it wasn't tight at all. Even Zizo shrugged his shoulders while saying what he said about Ronaldo.

  5. Ibra Kadabra says

    There is only one G.O.A.T, Ronaldinho.

  6. Rushikesh Yadav says

    Messi is a Barcelona player then Alex Ferguson is a Manchester United manager can he do same thing in Stockport what he did in Manchester United without all that money ?

  7. Rijin Raj says

    Messi the goat

  8. Bhavya Kundu says

    Obviously skillswise messi is better but when come to big games Ronaldo is a beast??

  9. saran subba says

    Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world becouse he was playing three different leauge and mess is fc.. k



  11. Davetron says

    How can Sarri not say Ronaldo when he's wearing a Juve suit.

  12. Murtaza Beast says

    Only ronaldo ?

  13. Himadri Ahmed says

    Messi best forever❤

  14. Brandon Reyes says

    Well. If you ask every single coach cr7 has ever had of course they'll say Cr7 lol

  15. claudio pazarin says

    I am a Cristiano Ronaldo fan! This man has motivated to better playing and get physical strong and results ! ?? trueeee role model ?

  16. Madan Leom Rasaily says

    You shouldn't include there old coaches and current ones as well because they will obviously say messi or ronaldo because they have coached them

  17. Fuhad Saneen says


  18. Taran Gaur says

    Biased, you only showed managers praising messi

  19. • FragzzRBLX • says

    Actually Ronaldo is better than messi cuz there are some abilities which messi cant do and only Ronaldo can do as u see Ronaldo is better in headers in sprint in skills and then free kicks and his magic penalty but messi cant do it all even Ronaldo's bicycle kick which messi cant do messi can only dribble and do awesome free kicks it's shows that Ronaldo has more talent but I know all Messi fans hate barca so I know u will leave a dislike on this comment who agree with me that Ronaldo is better then like this comment

  20. Sajad Mir says

    Bro all of messi fans make these videos ronaldo is the goat the greatest of all time let me tell you goal average doesnt make a player better ronaldo is far better than leo i respect leo but ronaldo is better and it doesnt make sense to talk about him because your opinion doesnt matter to ronaldo he know himself he is the best

  21. Afia Swarno says

    Those who said that ronaldo is the best they are either real madrid, portugal or juventus managers. But messi is the best player and nightmares of each and every manager.

  22. Arr Hamid says

    Everyone knows that messi is the best ecen ronaldo his self

  23. Maximilio Hunter says

    Always Messi..??

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