1. Josh Flop says

    This is a school project. Normal video coming soon!

  2. Autumn Thomson says

    Covid19 sucks I literally want it to be over if you agree like this comment of say hi👇🏼😑💯😔

  3. Autumn Thomson says

    Heyy man!!

  4. AJ is a bot says

    Nice Social Distancing lol

  5. Daniel koval says

    Wtf I literally don’t care about sanitizing just make a stupid video of a fashion show that’s what I join no hate by the way

  6. Clapzy YouTube says

    Stream pls

  7. Heck Fortnite says

    Best vid I seen from u

  8. Rezno dont like fn no mo says

    Smart boii

  9. Rezno dont like fn no mo says

    3rd boii

  10. MBDABS says

    this is nice talking about covid and safty

  11. MBDABS says

    second boy

  12. ZamirThe Pug says


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