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Crystal Palace vs Chelsea Watchalong with Mark Goldbridge LIVE. Join in our live stream match chat as the Premier League returns.

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  1. yasio bolo says

    Christensen, James and Kepa shocking

  2. seeni gzty says

    Christensen, James and Kepa shocking

  3. nieooj gotoy says

    Christensen, James and Kepa shocking

  4. Coyb_ CFC says

    Man U wouldn’t of stopes for the 1st goal

  5. Fuji Made says

    Don’t get how you can think that zouma tackle was a pen

  6. Joe J says

    Zouma is our best centre half nothing can change my mind

  7. Alec Dukas says

    That Zaha goal was insane

  8. armz _ says

    World class from Zouma

  9. ᗰᕮTᗩᒪᒪO Sᗩᒪ says

    Chelsea's defence is abysmal.

  10. ᗰᕮTᗩᒪᒪO Sᗩᒪ says

    Christensen, James and Kepa shocking

  11. Lucid says

    Is he doing a arsenal leicester one

  12. El Poundo says

    Chelski riding there luck once again.

  13. Rhfhcube says

    Chelsea 1-0 (Giroud) 9:36Chelsea 2-0 (Pulisic) 31:03??Palace 2-1 (Zaha) 38:15Chelsea 3-1 (Abraham) 1:34:10Palace 3-2 (Benteke) 1:35:32Big chance missed 1:58:02

  14. Jason Jason says

    Zouma so much better than Rudiger. Now we just want villa to do a job on united

  15. Prashraya Shahi says

    That zouma tackle was never penalty.

  16. Chelsea Pride of London says

    so flipping closelike were we confused on whether we should score three or palace ffs this isnt what we mean when we say play for the shirt

  17. Gonk Droid says

    Ever since Chelsea has worn that kit, they have either scored or conceded 3 every game

  18. TaylorJ says

    As a Chelsea fan I nearly had a heart attack watching that ending. Zouma our saviour ??‍♂️

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